These days there are a lot of different types of pet boarding facilities offered by various pet boarding properties. As a dog or cat parent, there is no denying that it is easy to be misled by clever advertising and/or spoiled for choice when you have many options to decide between.

Kennel/crate boardings, home/cage-free boardings, pet resorts, and luxury hotel boarding services are some popular formats you can explore. Every format has specific pros and cons, and along with these comes other factors like time, distance, and affordability.

You need to be especially mindful of your pet’s comfort and health maintenance during pet boarding stays. This means you should do plenty of research on potential boarding facilities before making a decision. You should also ensure you are equipped with adequate pet health insurance  before your pet’s stay, in case they fall ill or get injured during your absence. Your fur baby has none to depend on but you for life’s basics. So, contemplate buying the best pet insurance that will provide your furry little one the medical care it deserves with little hassle.

Meanwhile, read on to know a few essential things to look for in a pet boarding service that helps you narrow your search to find the ultimate pet boarding facility for your furry pet.

1. Pet’s needs and preferences

Every furry animal is different, so focus on your pet’s personality and taste before you begin your search. A pet could be snappy, aggressive, in heat and is not sterilized, scared of enclosed spaces, on regular medications for health issues, hates to mingle with other animals, and more. Talk to your vet and the pet boarding administrator to ensure your pet’s needs will be met there. You may even want to discuss it with a pet trainer or animal behaviorist.

2. Pairing rules and criteria

Some facilities provide private hangouts, and others function through shared spaces. A few boardings don’t pair small with large pets; others group fur babies by age. You need to decide which set-up will work for you. Also, check if the property has arrangements to isolate guests during disputes and how they deal with such issues. Keep in mind these factors and your fur baby’s nature, socialization history, and communication skills to determine if a facility suits your fur pal.

3. Mandate on vaccinations

Get information on the vaccination protocols followed by the property so you know beforehand how safe your pet could be when it stays there. Ideally, all fur babies must be vaccinated; allowing pets without vaccination records means there is a risk of exposing your furry precious to fatal infections and diseases. In such a case,seriously consider dropping the facility from your shortlist.

4. Food and water offered

Ask the staff questions about the type of food, snacks and water on offer, how it is distributed amongst the pets, at what times and the number of daily refills offered. Nutritious, wholesome, non-processed, preferably organic food, and clean, safe water should be on top of your mind. The pet boarding service should not compromise food and water quality and safety.

5. Well-trained and vigilant staff

Sometimes even docile pets can get overwhelmed and behave erratically under stress, which is why the property must be supported by a good strength of supervisory staff responsible for the guests’ wellbeing while the owners are away.

Carefully explore the features of different facilities and interact with the respective pet boarding teams for critical information. Ask them about their experience in pet care and pet boarding, how they deal with tricky situations, whether they have pets of their own, and more. More than anything, consider your fur baby’s comfort so you can confidently decide where to leave it during your time away from home.

Rehearse your stay with short visits with your pet beforehand, if possible, and do random checks on the property, so you know how your pet will experience a typical day at a pet boarding service.

Lastly, once you pick up your pet after their stay don’t forget to wash them on the way back from boarding to avoid germs and diseases from being carried home.

Pet health insurance helps provide financial succor in times of sickness and medical emergencies, which is why you must consider covering your fur baby with the best pet insurance.


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