Steel doors are synonymous with security at the internal and external entrances of buildings. The word door separates it from a gate as far as its size and functions are concerned.

A gate covers the entrance of a compound rather than a building. The gate will therefore tend to be larger and presumably more robust than a door. The term steel door refers to a door made of steel material. This paper will discuss the positive qualities of steel doors concerning their functional efficiency, physical attractiveness, and prices in Kenya.

A Steel Door at the Main Entrance of a House

It is necessary to state that steel is not synonymous with metal. While metal is a natural element existing in the earth, steel is a refined form of metal. The severe form of metal is therefore modified to suit the taste and need of the user. These needs include elements of physical beauty, efficiency, and fortification.



The mention of a steel door communicates the feeling of security. Kenya, like most places on earth, has issues of insecurity. Although the government tries to protect its citizens, the onus depends on the individual citizen to protect himself and his property.

Therefore, the steel doors come in handy in the fortification of the houses, whether in the homes or business premises. The ability to strengthen this security determines the steel doors prices in Kenya.


Everyone builds a house to last and, as such, needs building materials and accessories that last, such as steel doors. They are preferred at external entrances with potential for high traffic or otherwise places needing high security. They are resistant to climatic weathering and provide lasting and robust installation, given a good choice of hinges and other accessories.

Physical beauty

A steel door that is well made with a good finishing can be beautiful. Within the range of attraction, it can be modified to look like a wooden door yet have the strength of a steel door minus the inconvenience of wood. The level of ability to attract the user will influence steel doors prices in Kenya.

People use different colors to provide an individual choice suitable for different personalities. Given the proper matching, the color combination and designs can contribute significantly to the house and general home appeal.


The efficiency of steel doors lies in their durability and resistance to usage. The convenience of having the two mentioned qualities and the long-term self-preservation quality make them cost-effective.

Price in Kenya

The prices of any given item indicate the value of such a good on the market, and Kenya is no exception. It depends on the cost as well as the customer appeal.

The more appealing the item, in this case, the steel door, the more likely it will attract customers regardless of price hence the possibility of a high price, and vice versa. Likewise, high production costs are reasonable to push the price up in a bid to create profit.


Prices of steel doors in Kenya are determined by various elements within the cost of production like whether it is locally made or imported, the quality of artistry, which comes with cost implications, among other expenses.

On the other hand, the customer appeal dramatically contributes to the price flexibility, which is favorable to the buyer will bring the price down, but if it favors the seller like if the quality is high, the demand will be higher, thus pushing the prices up.


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