In the digital age of advertising where apps are king and websites are a must-have, most companies have already encountered the terms UI or UX at least a few times. Businesses who want to develop a new service or digital product, or simply update their webpage often request the services of companies who focus on improving user experience.

The question remains: why should your company hire a UX design agency? Does it really pay off to invest in user experience? Or is it just an unnecessary extra step with a negligible impact?

Read on to find out more about how focusing on user experience can benefit your company!

Why do companies hire UX design agencies? About the importance of user experience

There are many reasons why companies opt for hiring a UX design agency. Among those, the main advantage that usually convinces other businesses that investing in user experience is worth their time is that UX is closely linked with your business goals.

In other words, improving a website’s or application’s user experience can have a great effect on your conversion rate – the proportion of users/visitors who convert into customers. If your UX design is especially excellent, they may even become repeat buyers, choosing your products and services over and over again instead of searching for other alternatives.

That alone is reason enough for many companies to prioritize hiring a UX design agency instead of looking for in-house solutions.

Why should I hire a UX design agency? How can they benefit my company?

There are many reasons why most companies should always consider hiring a UX design agency.

User experience design may seem like an abstract concept at first – granted, it does encompass a large number of fields – but the results certainly make a difference. The complexities lie in the process of UX design. Without the necessary experience and skill set, you have a very slim chance indeed to make the time and money you invest in user experience pay off in the long term.

Hiring a UX design agency is essentially like hiring a team of expert web developers, researchers, and marketers all in one. Creating an optimal digital platform not only relies on technical know-how but on the market and user research that supports creative decisions.

In short, just like in online marketing, there is no “one size fits all” solution – but hiring the right UX design agency certainly brings you closer to finding the solution that works for you.

Hiring a UX design agency – What services do they usually offer?

Apart from website development, coding, and graphic design, many companies hire a UX design agency to get the information they need about their users.

A great way to save time and money on future modifications and fixing post-launch issues is by having relevant information in hand before actually beginning the development process. After all, what kind of work would pay off if there is no basis for the creation of your unique user experience? At the very least, the minimum requirement of a good UX design is that it doesn’t cause your users to be frustrated with your platform (due to a confusing structure, slow loading times, etc).

Hiring a UX design agency grants you access to a wide range of services focusing on either qualitative or quantitative research, as well as testing your digital product at different development phases.

Notable examples include:

  • Surveys and user interviews
  • User testing
  • The Kano model of customer priorities
  • User personas based on previous research data
  • Planning a customer journey
  • Optimizing areas that are key to your conversions
  • A/B testing different versions of your digital product

In a nutshell: why should your company hire a UX design agency?

1. Your company can improve customer acquisition by hiring a UX design agency

Grabbing the attention of new users and inciting them to stay with an enjoyable user experience is key in getting new customers.

2. Your company can improve customer retention by hiring a UX design agency

A memorable user experience results in satisfied customers who can become repeat buyers and advocates of your brand.

3. Your company can save time and money by hiring a UX design agency

Filtering out potential errors in time, researching user needs, and testing your product pre-launch helps you to avoid more time-consuming modifications that can drive potential customers away.

4. Your company can grow by hiring a UX design agency

Improving your conversion rates is vital for any company from any sector. No growth can be achieved if your business isn’t supported by satisfied customers. It also helps in innovating your business, putting you in a more proactive position instead of a reactive one. Not to mention staying ahead, or at least keeping up with your most notable competitors – if you’re not investing in UX design, chances are others already do.


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