Music can take the soul of any object, and if that object is flexible and commanding like MOBILE GAME, add more value than expected. Both mobile games and music evoke the same emotions of excitement, lust, dreams, mystery and endless joy.

Who can forget the beautiful song from the Super Mario Franchise? It is so well-matched with the game that it has become an integral part of the game. My mother who has never played a video game in her life can only see the Mario Bros. game. This popular game easily demonstrates the important role music plays in making it popular.

Music in mobile games from websites such as express many expressions and emotions without exertion. Very loud drums announcing the hero’s victorious victory or a sad piano jingle suggesting that the player is lost. Music can accurately portray key features of a game that allows players to experience real-life simulations. Clinging and shuffling of cards, backpack bikes, explosive trucks, kaboom bombs, car swings, bird swings etc. can best be described with a musical episode. Sounds of hard pumping make our blood pump excited, adding zest to the games.

The characteristics of different creatures come to life with the right music song. As with the popular Angry Birds, the squawks of each bird are unique, thus giving a unique identity to each bird. It gives us great satisfaction to hear the birds’ joy when we win against the evil pigs. Direct music adds great intensity and excitement to the gameplay. It can make dark games ghosts and enjoy exciting games. Great music can elevate the whole game, making the game feel surreal to the players.

Many critics are of the opinion that music in mobile games is not as important as it is in consoles. Portable devices usually do not have a high stereo system, thus not reflecting the actual quality of the music. Permanent mobile games often kill time games played by people in a public place, where loud music can be unintelligible and embarrassing. But, on the other hand, many gamers use their microphones to fully enjoy the sound effects that come with the game.

Having said that, a bad sound can completely ruin a game, so it is important to get the right mobile game music. The original audio track certainly enriches the game’s production value. A high-powered song raises a fun game quotient that makes it memorable and beautiful.


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