There has been an increase in the interest in antique jewellery. People have discovered that certain aspects of this jewellery can be worn today and still look very good. Many people are now looking to buy antique jewellery to add a little more zing and style to their collection. But how is antique jewellery sustainable?

Material that is using in making jewellery

The production of this jewellery is done responsibly. The same smoky furnace used to make it was used for centuries to smelt animal fat, nails and teeth. In the past, the process of making jewellery involved many dangerous chemicals and the final result was that antiques made from these materials were often not safe to wear. Today this is not the case.

Today there is only a minuscule amount of chemicals used to manufacture any piece of jewellery. Instead, they use only natural pigments to stain the metal. It is not unusual for a piece of jewellery to contain up to 95% less toxic substances than it would have before it came to the public.

Non-harvested wood

The harvesting of the wood is another important part of why antique jewellery is sustainable. Not all wood is harvested responsibly. Some of the trees that are used to make jewellery are planted in areas where the environment is destroyed. Others are harvested with the trees already dying.

Handmade jewellery

Another part of why antique jewellery is sustainable is that many pieces of jewellery are handmade. Handmade jewellery is one of the most environmentally-conscious types of jewellery that can be bought today. Often small amounts of a single piece are produced on a single day, which makes them even more environmentally friendly.

Remain unique and valuable

Some people believe that the price of antique jewellery will increase in the future. Although there is a slight chance of this happening, it is unlikely. Antique pieces of jewellery are very desirable right now in terms of collectors’ items and because they are rarer than newer pieces. As a result, they are unlikely to be manufactured into modern jewellery, so they will always remain unique and valuable.

Make from old silver or gold coins

Most antique jewellery is made from old silver or gold coins. In some cases, gold and silver have been combined to create something new. For instance, old gold and silver coins can be combined with new non-precious metals to create a new type of jewellery. The process for combining different metals is called alloying. Check out the perfect gift from Carus Jewellery UK.

At Last

The final reason why antique jewellery is sustainable comes from how it is made. There are three primary materials that may be used in making jewellery. These materials include precious metals, plastic, and wood. All three of these can be made into jewellery, and each one is just as beautiful.

Each type of material has its own benefits when it comes to making jewellery. Each material has its own drawbacks and using each material in specific ways can have different impacts on the finished product. With these factors taken into consideration, it can be seen that antique jewellery has its own sustainability built into it. Antique jewellery will continue to be made as long as people are interested in it, and there’s no doubt that it will look beautiful for many years to come.



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