The weather is becoming warmer and warmer even hot, so the hot summer is coming! Are you ready to get a new hairstyle for the coming summer? Long hair or short hair? Curly hair or straight hair? Well, it is recommended by Lovmuse Hair to get a T part lace wig, high quality, beautiful and affordable, which will definitely meet your hair needs. So let’s take a look at the T part lace wigs.

What’s a T Part Lace Wig?

There is a 13-inch lace from ear to ear, and a 4×1-inch deep in the middle of the cap, which makes the lace part looks like a “T” shape, so it is called “T” part lace wig. In addition, there is an adjustable strap on the back of the cap, and some combs in the cap, which can be adjusted according to your head circumference so that the wig can be secured on your head and will not slip off.

Why do we Recommend T Part Lace Wigs?

1. Realistic Hairline

The lace size of ear to ear is 13 inches, which can cover the whole hairline to provide a natural look. You can also make some baby hair on your forehead for a more natural hairline.

2. Affordable Price

Compared with other lace wigs, the lace part of a lace T part wig is smaller, just 13x4x1 inches, the rest part is all machine-made, so the price is more affordable. It is a best choice for women who have limited budget but want a lace wig. In addition, you can also save the expense of visiting a professional stylist to wear or take off your wig.

3. Different Hair Textures

There are many kinds of hair textures in T part lace wigs, body wave, deep wave, loose deep wave, curly wave, straight hair, or long hair, medium hair, Bob hair. There is always one fit you.

4. Versatile Styles

The lace T part wigs can be restyled into low ponytail, bun, updo, just pull back the hair you want and fasten with an elastic, which will make you look lively and refreshing, especially in hot summer.

5. High Quality 100% Human Hair

All the lace part wigs in Lovmuse Hair are made of 100% human hair, which make it possible to be permed, curled, straighten, or dyed in various hairstyles for the different occasions or the matching of outfits.

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