Celebrity impersonators have been coming into full popularity in recent years, but many people still can’t seem to wrap their minds around these performers.  Why are celebrity impersonators so popular?  What makes them so likable?

These are the top reasons people love celebrity impersonators and why they matter!   

The Immediate Surprise

Many love celebrity impersonators because they’re stunning from the first moment you see them.  Your brain will recognize the celebrity they’re posing as before you recognize that they’re an impersonator, and it can be strange and reality-breaking for a few seconds before you catch up and recognize what they are.  

This can be a fun moment of disbelief that can light up the same parts of our minds that light up when we’re told a really good joke.

The Comedy And Fun

Many impersonators play on the cliches and jokes that many of us already know about the celebrity.  This can make their actions feel like a fun parody and can ensure that we have fun getting to see them perform and put on their best impersonation.

Although some performers are more serious and will do everything they can to convince you that they’re real: there’s still a comedic element to them that can be a lot of fun to watch happen.

Surprising Photos

Everyone will be too stunned to believe it if you show them a picture of you hanging out with younger Tom Cruise: and amazed when they find out its impersonator Jerome LeBlanc!  Many celebrity impersonators allow fans to take pictures with them and post them, causing a lot of fun confusion online when people don’t realize that’s not the real celebrity in the photo.

These can get so out of hand that the celebrity impersonators become famous for their lookalike act: as Jerome LeBlanc has! 

The Chance for Interactive Improv

Impersonators have to be incredibly quick-witted in order to keep up with all of the questions people ask them in person.  In order to maintain character, they have to continuously answer questions in character, and if they don’t know the answer: they have to explain why in character.  

People talking to these impersonators can have a lot of fun watching these genius improv minds at work, and it can inspire them to possibly take up improv themselves!  This is an awesome gift to give your guests!

Stills Feels Like Meeting a Celeb!

Even if you’re not meeting a ‘real celeb,’ meeting an impersonator can leave you with the same bubbly, excited feeling of meeting a celebrity!  This is something fun that can be a gift to your guests; even if you’re not spending thousands of dollars on getting Beyonce to your party, your guests can still feel that excited high they would have gotten to meet Beyonce if the lookalike were close enough! 

There’s Nothing as Fun as Celebrity Impersonators! 


Celebrity impersonators are incredible artists who know how to work a crowd and leave everyone excited and having fun.  Consider hiring one of these professionals for your next event! 


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