There are many different ways you can customize and upgrade your vehicle to suit your tastes, preferences and driving style. One of the top ways you can improve your car’s value and performance is to swap out the dealer-equipped tires and rims with aftermarket upgrades. High-quality tires and rims can also make your car easier to drive in different types of conditions. Here are some of the benefits of buying a new set of rims and tires for your truck, car or SUV.

Tire Performance

Car owners buy custom rims and tires for a variety of purposes. A top reason is to improve performance. When you decide to upgrade your rims and tires, you need to think about what you want to use your vehicle for. If you plan on doing some street racing, you’ll need specific racing tires. Off-roading adventures are best with 37 tires that are rated for this activity. Most drivers just want to improve their vehicle’s performance in treacherous conditions, such as rain, snow or sleet.

Rim Strength

Besides choosing a great set of tires, you’ll also need to carefully select rims that can withstand the type of driving activities you plan on doing. It’s important to look at reviews of the product regarding rim strength and consider the construction material of the rim. Rims can be made from steel, cast aluminum and forged aluminum. The strongest rims are made from steel, which can be used for larger, thicker tires.


Another popular reason drivers like to get customized wheels is because of their look. Tire upgrades are one of the most transformative aftermarket changes you can take on with your vehicle. For example, you can take a standard Jeep Wrangler, add a Jeep TJ hard top, a set of wide off-roading tires, a winch and extra fog lights to completely change the look of the vehicle.

Ride Safety

Safety is also an important factor when choosing new rims and tires. Unfortunately, some drivers wait on replacing their tires until the tread is almost bare. Doing this increases the risk of getting into an accident, especially on wet or icy roads. It’s better to replace tires after 40,000 miles or six years of driving so you don’t lose traction on rough roads.

Resale Value

Your car’s resale value may also go up if you equip your vehicle with new rims and tires. Having mismatched, worn or old tires on your car may knock some of the value down when it’s time to trade it in or sell it to a private party. Brand new tires with black lugs and custom rims can give you back that value and make your vehicle stand out in the online marketplace.

Custom Trips

It’s also fun to create a custom itinerary of adventure trips when you have tires that can take you anywhere. Going mudding, driving on the beach, navigating an off-road course or taking a spin around a racetrack may be possible with a customized set of rims and new tires.

Upgrading your rims and tires gives your vehicle better performance, higher resale value, a sleeker look and more. You can also take your vehicle on different adventures and have more fun with your new set of wheels.


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