Kylie Jenner is a bright figure in the world of modern business. Thanks to her sharp mind, charisma and determination, the girl was able to achieve incredible heights at a young age.

Jenner proved to everyone that the Insta page is not just entertainment for young people, but also a source of millions of income. Thanks to her, more and more influencers appeared on the network. Every second blogger tries to become like her, in pursuit of fame, they study various methods of promotion, buy real Instagram followers to create a solid look of the page and make a content plan for several weeks ahead. This is not an easy job, which Kylie herself knows about, because she had to go through it at the beginning of her journey.

Let’s begin the biography of this incredible girl who turned millions of people’s ideas about business upside down.

Who is Kylie Jenner?

Kylie Jenner is an American model, businesswoman and instagrammer. She is widely known online because of her own brand of cosmetics and marriage with a famous rapper.

She is also known for being a participant in the famous TV show “The Kardashian Family” since 2007, where her entire extended family is filmed. At the same time, she managed to properly allocate time and become successful not only in business, but also in relationships.

Early Life of Kylie 

The girl was born on August 10, 1997, in Los Angeles. Her father William Bruce Jenner was a world-famous decathlete in his youth. However, now Bruce is more famous for the fact that in 2015 he came out and started hormone therapy to become a woman. Kylie accepted her father for who he is and considers him an incredibly strong person.

Kylie became the second child in the Jenner family, she has an older sister Kendall, who is 2 years older than her. But their family tree does not end there, because Bruce is the second spouse of the girl’s mother. From 1978 to 1990, Kris (Kylie’s mother) was married to lawyer Robert Kardashian, with whom she had four children: Kourtney, Khloe, Kim Kardashian and son Robert Jr. The young star also has half-sisters and brothers who appeared from Chris’ marriage with other men.

The path to success : Instagram and cosmetics brand

367 million subs – that’s how many fans Kylie has in her account. But it did not appear in the top of the most popular blogs in the World right away. It took several years before a young businesswoman got such fame on the web. It is not known for certain whether Kylie used paid promotion methods, such as a chance to buy Instagram followers or advertising from celebrities. But the probability is high, because it is very difficult to get so many fans at one time, and the best way to attract an audience is to use paid promotion services that will create a competitive image. But the fact remains, now the instagrammer is one of the most famous people on the platform, and the number of her fans is constantly growing.

Each new post of the star gets millions of likes and hundreds of comments. Followers actively share their impressions of the new image of the girl and discuss whether a new hairstyle or makeup suits her.

Kylie has learned to benefit from increased public attention. She received the first 100 thousand dollars for advertising OPI Kardashian Kolor.

Modeling career began before the girl came of age. Agencies paid attention to her after the publication of the family in People magazine (section “beautiful people”). Despite the fact that her parameters do not correspond to standard modeling, she managed to build a quite successful modeling career and starred for many fashion publications such as Vogue, Tenn and Ok!.

In 2015, the young star created her own brand Kylie Cosmetics. The girl admits that this idea came to her because of the complexes that she had experienced for a long time. Kylie believes that makeup not only hides the flaws of appearance, but also gives confidence in front of the camera.

 The first 15 thousand sets of lipsticks that appeared on sale were sold out in 1 minute, and the Kylie Lip holiday collection brought the girl $ 19 million. Jenner owes her fast sales and impressive income to her Instagram account, where she publishes links to products and announcements of new products. She managed to turn social networks into a marketing tool with which you can earn a fortune.

The brand was founded in 2015 and still remains in demand, and the girl’s fans track every novelty so as not to miss the opportunity to purchase new products. In a short period of time, Kylie’s company has taken a leading position in the cosmetics market.

According to the Times estimates, one advertising poster on the star’s page costs about $ 1 million. In total, all sources of income brought Jenner $ 1 billion at the end of the 18th year.

Personal life and children

Before meeting Travis Scott, the girl was in a relationship with several famous personalities, such as Cody Simpson and Jaden Smith and with rap artist Tyga. But the love affairs did not last long or were unsuccessful.

With her current lover Travis, the girl was first seen in 2017 at the Coachella festival. Then it became clear that the young star and the famous rapper became a couple.

2018 has become a very busy year for Kylie. The businesswoman gave birth to her daughter Stormi. The girl hid the fact of her pregnancy from the paparazzi and the public for a long time, so it is not surprising that the first photo of her daughter in instagram gained almost 15 million views per day.

Six months after the birth of the child, the young parents starred in the first joint photo shoot for GQ.

In 2019, it became known that the star couple broke up. According to the girl, the main reason was that their paths diverged. Kylie wanted to devote more time to her family, but the rapper did not share this desire and sought to grow up the career ladder. In one of the interviews, the former lovers shared with the audience that they had decided to raise their daughter together, who stayed to live with her mother.

But a year after the breakup, information appeared that Stormi’s parents were back together. And in the fall, Kylie posted a photo in which she and Scott advertise the new Givenchy collection.

In September 2021, the star confirmed rumors about the imminent birth of a second child, and in February of this year, Wolf Webster was born.


Kylie Jenner is one of the most famous and richest women in America. By the age of 25, she managed to reach incredible heights, earn millions of dollars and start a family.

She and her life are a source of inspiration for many young people. Despite the fact that she is a dollar millionaire, Kylie spends most of her time raising her children and communicating with them.

Jenner has the status of the youngest entrepreneur in the list of the richest women in the world. And she certainly deserves respect, because for the sake of her well-being, the girl had to put in a lot of effort.

We hope that you were interested in learning about Kylie’s biography, including her success, family and relationships.


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