Taking a bath, washing your clothes and dishes, giving a glass of water to the guests, we use water for everything and every day. We must use clean and healthy water for all kinds of uses that we have. This will keep us away from water-borne diseases.

When we start to look for ways using which we can reduce contaminants in the water that we use, it becomes confusing to choose the one when you have so many options. The industry is full of different appliances that help treat water in your home. Here, in this article, you will learn about these in detail. We will discuss the difference between water filters and water purifiers and which water purification device you should choose. 

Water Filter

When you use a water filter it is like using honey that helps to attract bees. The water filters use different kinds of media that help to attract the contaminants and also help to prevent them from following the water to places such as kitchen sinks.

The Whole House Filters

As we can understand by the name, this filter is connected to the main water line and helps to reduce the contaminants from the entire house.  In most of the whole house filters, the system uses sediment pre-filters that catch sediments, rust and silt. After this, the water moves to the mineral stone and copper-zinc to filter water-soluble heavy metals, chlorine and scale and inhibits the bacteria and algae growth.  Here, the water starts to move to the activated carbon filters. These filters work to reduce pesticides, herbicides and other such chemical compounds that are present in the water. 

Some of the whole house filters use a giant, ultra-dense block of carbon that provides you with superior filtration when compared to the granular media. Activated and Catalytic carbon are combined to perform ion exchange and sub-micron filtration down to 0.5 microns. This works to reduce the number of contaminants such as cysts, lead, chlorine, PFOS or PFOA, chloramines and much more and get good quality water for your house. 

The whole house filters are usually configurable depending on the needs of the water. The water conditioner helps to reduce the scale build-up in the pipe and makes salt-free, a sub-micron post-filter to reduce the sediments that are remaining and also the organic particles in your water, as small as microscopic, a UV filter so that you can never have to worry about the viruses and bacteria that is present in the boil warning again.

The Shower Filter

The shower filters are attached to the show spigot. It comes in different varieties of colour options and also showerhead options. If you have the show head, you can also get options that attach to it or you can also get the shower filters which comes a long with a showerhead of colour that you want.

The shower filters help promote healthy hair and skin and reduce synthetic chemicals along with chlorine from the water. This causes damage and makes your hair and skin dry. Removing these will save you from this kind of problem. The carbon filters that are used in the filtration system enhance the pH of the water and remove around ninety per cent of the chlorine and other such chemicals. The zinc or copper media also reduces the chlorine and balances the pH of the water. 

Drinking Filters

These filters are available in a different variety from options that sit on the countertop to the pitcher that usually fits in your refrigerator or under your kitchen sink. The uses of activated carbon or catalytic carbon plus the ion exchange to capture and also to prevent the pesky contaminants that enter the water such as heavy metals, chloramines, chlorine, chlorine-resistant cysts such as cryptosporidium and Giardia, pharmaceutical and much more.

Unfortunately, unless you use the drinking filters that are made by certified manufacturers, the filters will remove even the good minerals that your body needs such as magnesium, calcium and potassium.

Water Purifier

The purifiers are available in different sizes and shapes. These do not remove what filters can remove but these remove all the minerals that are found in water. This is done using two methods of purification: Reverse osmosis and distillation.

RO water purifier is one of the most popular purifiers that are chosen by people today. Reverse osmosis works somewhat like the water filter but it uses a media that grabs contaminants and forces the particles through the small semi-permeable membrane.

Water Filter Vs Water Purifiers

The water filters remove the contaminants in the water and leave behind minerals. In the case of purifiers, this water treatment system uses a Reverse Osmosis system which purifies the water and removes minerals that can cause harm to the body if consumed in excess amounts. Water filters are affordable options and are easily available. The water purifiers can be costly.

Choose to deal with the best brand and get RO water purifiers that suit your budget and your needs.


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