When dealing with any form of data, latency is a problem that always arises. Those few milliseconds of wait time can be worth immense amounts of money. In the modern world, users demand data immediately, at the click of a button. In turn, this latency is no longer a factor that is tolerable. To combat this, Edge data centres are used. Edge data centres are smaller, more localised data centres that are situated closer to the end user. They are being used very frequently, in order to act as a cost-efficient way of providing customers with the content they request, at increasing rates.

What are the Key Features of an Edge Data Centre?

In order to be impactful, Edge data centres focus on a few specific characteristics of a data transfer:

  • Size – Edge data centres are much smaller than regular ones, while still maintaining the same components of the traditional ones.
  • Proximity – Edge data centres are located much closer to the end users, in order to attempt to decrease latency as much as possible. Furthermore, the data centres are managed locally.
  • Grouping – Many Edge data centres make up a large network of centres, that are all linked via a CEDC (central enterprise data centre).

Data Centres with Stellium

Stellium is the UK’s only cable landing station for the new international cables from Aqua Comms, the new Nordic subsea cables from Altibox/NO-UK and the newest Internet Exchange Point NCL-IX in the UK. Stellium acts as the meeting place for data transfers east and west, as well as locally and nationally. Being based in Newcastle (the regional capital of Northeast England) rather than London, as a base of operations, it is effectively closer to New York.

Why Choose Stellium?

Stellium offers a whole new world of data centre services and opportunities for companies in theenergy sector, technology and internet services, media and streaming companies and public sector, as well as fintech and high frequency trading where saving mere milliseconds can earn millions of dollars.

  • Connectivity – Stellium offers links to both the US as well as through into mainland Europe.
  • Qualifications – Certified by: ISO-27001, ISO-14001, ISO-9001, ISO-20000, ISO-22301, PSN Network and Cyber Essentials+.
  • Custom services – Cloud-based delivery of applications and services.

Stellium’s Green Mission

Stellium is on a mission to minimise their carbon footprint, as well as adapt to sustainable processes and materials. In addition to this, they aim to significantly reduce reliance on fossil fuels to create an efficient data centre. Stellium delivers 100% renewable energy to clients, accredited by OFGEM under the Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origin (REGO) scheme for the delivery of renewable energy. They continue to work with their energy supply chain to develop a wide range of renewable energy products and dedicated source traceability combined with efficiency and best value for money.

How to Contact Stellium?

You can contact Stellium via their Contact Us page or by other means, including phone number: 01224 920935 as well as e-mail: [email protected]. Make an enquiry now to see how Stellium can aid your business.


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