Instagram stories are one of the fun features of Instagram. Instagram stories have been found to have millions of views in a day, which is a better and maxed out response as compared to any other media form. People view Instagram stories regularly and even post their latest content there. You can find amazing content on Instagram stories. There are certain Instagram stories that are so compelling and we all want to save them, especially because they would disappear post 24 hours. There is no way provided by the Instagram app to download these Instagram stories. Hence we have got you the best ways to download Instagram stories both public and private stories.

How to download public and private Instagram stories?

Screenshot or screen-recording

The foremost and highly used technique to capture any Instagram story is either taking a screenshot or screen recording. The feature is present in maximum phones. You can simply capture or record the entire screen to save the Instagram story. Screenshot or screen recorders capture the entire screen along with the Instagram story in it and save it to your gallery. But this is not feasible as certain phones do not allow audio recording while recording the screen. Moreover, screenshots compromise on the quality of the Instagram story.

Using a third-party app to download public story

In order to get high quality downloads of any Instagram story, you can always use an Instagram story downloader app. There are many Instagram story downloader apps to download public stories such as iZoomyou. These apps allow you to download any Instagram story in high quality directly to your device. You can access these apps on both android and iOS devices. Simply open these apps and enter the username of the person whose story you wish to download. The app fetches the Instagram story and makes it available for download in high quality jpeg images. You can also download video stories using these apps easily. These apps work free of cost and are easy to use. You can simply put in the username and download any Instagram story that you wish to.

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Using a third-party app to download private story

Downloading a public story is a tricky job, but we still have an easy solution for it. You can easily get hands on any person’s private Instagram story using private Instagram story downloader apps such as instafinsta. These apps work on the condition that you follow the account whose private story you wish to download. To download any private Instagram stories, you need to open the active story on Instagram. Click on the three dots in the lower right corner of the screen and choose ‘copy link’ option. Now download and launch the private Instagram story downloader app and paste this link in the field provided. tap ok the story will be made available to you to watch and download. These apps help you download any Instagram story in high quality and sound on your device.


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