In their neighborhood, everyone appreciates a well-kept lawn. Grass mowing, on the other hand, has another advantage; it keeps the grass healthy and as a result, a lawn mower is a necessary piece of gardening equipment though a majority of people have trouble choosing the one that is suitable for them.

By reading this article, you will learn simply learn about the different types available and make an informed decision on which one is best for you according to your need.

     (a)Types of lawnmowers

There are varieties of lawn mowers depending on different factors i.e. how they are operated. Considering this there are four major types; Ride-on mowers, walk mowers, power types, and drive types.

1. Ride-on mowers

They are arguably the most efficient and superior. They are ideal for large yards or commercial use since they cover more ground than all the other types and in a short period. They also have a long life span with proper care and maintenance.

Ride-on mowers can be broken down into the following categories; lawn tractor, zero turn mower, and rear engine riding mower.

2. Walk mowers

As the name implies, the user is required to walk behing them. They have various advantages over ride-on mowers, including the ability for the operator to move obstacles in the path, the ability to operate in limited locations, and increased trimming efficiency.

Cylinder mowers, rotary mowers, push mowers, self-propelled mowers, and hover mowers are the different types in this category.

3. Power types

The best power supply for any mower will be determined by the size of the yard, the stamina of the operator, and personal choice. One could choose from the following power type mowers: manual powered mower, electric-powered mower, gas-powered mower, and battery-powered mower.

4. Drive types

Mowers of this type can either be rear-wheeled, front-wheeled, or all-wheel drive. Front-wheel drive mowers are suitable for a level terrain while rear-wheel drive is good for hilly terrain since they offer more traction at the center of the mower.

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Tips to consider when choosing a lawnmower

Choosing the best lawn mower is based on several variables. To prevent making hasty and unnecessary decisions, one should be able to analyze these aspects thoroughly. This could be crucial in preventing losses, as some of them could be rather costly. Some of these factors include:

Size and terrain of the yard

Different lawn mowers are required for different sizes of gardens. A mower that needs less effort is required for a vast lawn. This will not be possible with a huge petrol mower. When one has a rather flat yard, a push mower is likely to be more comfortable. For more information on lawn care consult with the team at Lilydale Instant lawn

A self-propelled mower, on the other hand, is a superior choice for a rough lawn.

Performance and durability

Before choosing a lawn mower, consider some of its features, such as how easy it is to replace some of the mower’s parts. This will allow it to last longer. It’s also critical to choose a mower that’s right for you. Larger engine sizes allow for more complicated tasks, such as cutting through long grass or damp grass.


When buying a lawn mower, this is another vital consideration. It’s important to understand that the price of a lawn mower is solely determined by its features and performance, not by its slick and showy look. To minimize regret and loss, it is recommended in Kenya to check out a demo or a test of a lawnmower before purchasing.

Read online reviews

This may be vital in evaluating the model of lawn mower to purchase. There are so many lawnmowers to select from, from walk-behind mowers to robot mowers, that picking on one might be difficult. Reading consumers’ purchase comments and reviews, on the other hand, may be quite beneficial because they can reassure one on a mower’s maintenance, warranty, and use.


To summarize, one should not buy a lawnmower for the sake of getting one, but rather evaluate a variety of factors, such as those listed above, to avoid making rash decisions that could later prove disastrous. For more, check


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