Car washing machines are machines used for cleaning oil stains, dust, and other stains on the surface of vehicles. The paper will focus on types of car washing machines and factors to consider before buying them.


Car washing machines make work easier and efficient in cleaning and maintenance of vehicles. However, there are various types and features of the machines. Users buys the machines depending on the needs they want to satisfy. The paper will give more guidelines on how to select a car washing machine suitable for the intended needs.

Types of Car Washing Machines

Rollover Automatic machines

The machines are found in car wash equipment sites. The machines have the following features; combined touchless and soft wash, onboard contouring dryers, 5 brush configurations, and water recycling systems. The features make the machines suitable for their work.

Touchless Automatic Car Washing Machines

Touchless automatic machines are powerful because they use advanced flow concepts and engineered spray designs to offer a good quality wash. Moreover, the machines are designed to apply a special car wash chemical product, low volume water spray, and high pressure to offer a good quality wash.

Drive through Vehicle Wash Systems

Drive-through vehicle washing machines are designed specifically for high-volume washing. The machines can wash 80 cars per hour. The machines are customized with drying options and brush configurations. The features make the machines offer high volume washing, faster and efficient washing.

 Tunnel Car Washing Machines

Tunnel machines offer high output for sites that require a quality wash. The machines work faster reducing queuing and waiting times. Moreover, the machines can wash 20-100 vehicles in one hour making them have a higher Car washing machine price in Kenya compared with other machines.

Factors to Consider when Buying a Car Washing Machine

Power and Speed

Car washing machines have power levels ranging from 1100Watts to 2000watts. High capacity power levels help the machines to have high pressure. The achieved pressure facilitates the water flow needed for vehicle cleaning.

Another factor a buyer should consider is the speed of the engine. The buyer should choose a low-power engine with high speed because it has less noise and the engine is durable.


Spray nozzle allows users to customize the water pressure according to their needs. There are two types of the nozzle; straight jet spray and wide spray. The nozzle should be adjustable to allow Users to change it depending on the purpose of use. Therefore, Users should select a nozzle with the form of spray they need.

Flow and water pressure

Users should consider high flow rate machines. A higher flow rate causes efficient and faster washing of machines. Such Machines have a flow rate of 6-10 Liters per minute. The high flow rate of the machines makes them have a high price in Kenya.

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Additionally, high water pressure makes it more efficient in washing of a car. The suitable water pressure that satisfies the need of users ranges from 60bar to 120bar.


Pressure washer are important in vehicle wash. Depending on the need of the user, various types of car washing machines make work easier, faster, and efficient. Place is for lovers of new twists in daily life Premium warehouse of News.


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