Halloween is one of the most exciting and fun times for many people. It’s also a time when you can dress up as your favorite character, eat fantastic candy, and more. However, Halloween can be a bit scary for our four-legged friends. If you have a dog and are planning on taking them trick-or-treating or dressing them up in costume this season, here are some tips to help make sure they enjoy themselves.

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Buy a Costume Ahead of Time

According to a report, over 75% of pet parents plan to dress their pets for Halloween. When buying a Halloween costume for your dog, it’s essential to ensure that the costume fits your pup comfortably. The last thing you want is to buy something too small or too big and have it strangle your dog as she runs around having fun. It’s also important that the costume is easy to get on and off of your dog. Who knows how long it will take her to decide if they want to wear it?

You’ll also want to consider whether or not the fabric is easy-to-clean. If there are any costumes with fake blood, fur (or other pelt materials), or other body parts sewn into them, they could become quite dirty if they come in contact with grass or mud while being worn by your pet.

Make Sure the Costume Is Loose-Fitting

As you’re picking out a costume for your pup, it’s essential to remember that the fit should be comfortable and loose. If the outfit is too tight, it could get caught on something or cause your dog to choke. On the other hand, if the costume is too loose and slips off your pet’s head or body, they could end up injured by falling over and hitting their head on a hard surface like concrete or asphalt. You can pick up Halloween dog accessories from PetCareRx.

The best way to ensure that you pick an appropriate outfit is by asking yourself, would I want my child wearing this? If not, then don’t make them wear it either. The same goes for any other types of costumes that may cause harm upon contact with certain materials, such as fabric dye which contains heavy metals like lead. These fabrics can irritate sensitive skin when worn longer than expected periods at times (such as on Halloween night).

Don’t Let Them Eat Treats Meant for Humans

When it comes to Halloween treats, you may be tempted to share your candy with your dog. It is an excellent idea in theory, but there are some things you should know before doing so.

First, many human foods can be toxic for dogs, and even more, they can make them sick. For example, chocolate contains caffeine and theobromine (both stimulants), which cause vomiting and diarrhea in dogs, onions cause vomiting, grapes and raisins contain an additive that causes kidney failure in dogs, caffeine causes tremors and seizures in dogs with heart conditions, and so on. Other everyday things, such as garlic powder or herbs, could also be harmful if ingested by a dog.

Secondly, knowing what’s actually inside those Halloween treats is essential before giving them away. Did you know there is xylitol in some candies, which messes up the digestive system of dogs and can become fatal in just an hour after ingestion if left untreated? Some may know that chocolate contains dangerous chemicals for dogs (like xylitol). However, they still give it anyway because they don’t realize how much worse other ingredients like peanut butter can make.

Leave the Dog at Home During Trick or Treating

Trick or treating your dog can be dangerous for you and your pup. It’s best to leave them home while you go out with the family. If you have children, they will be carrying candy, which is toxic to dogs and can be dangerous if ingested by them.

Many adults may not be aware that some dogs are sensitive around costumes, especially those resembling monsters or animals. Dogs tend to get scared when they see things in costume. 

Train Your Dog on How to React Around Children in Costumes

Preparing your dog for the influx of kids running around with Halloween costumes is a good idea. You want to ensure they’re not scared or startled by these children. If they startle, they could bite or jump on the child and cause an injury that could lead to legal action against you (and possibly even have your dog taken away). 

According to AKC, only 8% of pet owners take their dogs to obedience training, which is shocking. If you have not already, you must train your dog how not-to-react when they see kids wearing masks, hats, and other things that may look like monsters or scary creatures. You can do this by rewarding them when they ignore such sights while discouraging them from acting out by giving them a treat when their behavior is calm rather than excited or fearful.

Bring Water for Your Dog if You’re Attending an Outdoor Event

If you’re taking your dog to an outdoor event this Halloween season, it is essential to remember to bring water for them. Your dog can dehydrate and overheat in both cold and hot weather.

Dogs need more water than humans because they are unable to sweat or pant as humans do when it gets too hot or cold for them. In addition, dogs have different body temperatures than we do, which means that what feels comfortable for us may not be comfortable for our pets.


When it comes to Halloween, your dog should be able to have fun and stay safe. The tips we’ve outlined are simple enough that anyone can follow them, but they can make all the difference in keeping your pet safe during this fun-filled holiday season. Remember that if you’re going trick or treating with your pup, make sure their costume is loose-fitting, so there aren’t any wardrobe malfunctions along the way.


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