In recent times, enterprise app developers have been looking for enterprise solution technology that helps them build enterprise-class apps and stay ahead of the competition. With the Benefits of RAD platform, they can do that with simplicity. That is why the trend of enterprise solutions architecture and development has accelerated in the cloud world. The following highlights some of the key benefits of the open source top low code application development platform:

Easy enterprise app development:

With the help of the open source RIA development technologies like Spring, Hibern, and JMS, the enterprise apps are extremely easy to develop. This is in comparison to the Java-based alternatives which make it difficult to write reliable, maintain and debug enterprise apps. Thus, the RAD platform gives a high level of reliability and robustness. It also enables easy integration and adaptability to the different database programs and platforms. This is in comparison to the traditional development models where the development and integration is too complex.

High security and reliability:

As compared to the other enterprise application modernization solutions architectures, the RAD technology provides a high degree of security and reliability. One of the major reasons is that the open source architecture enables usage of open source libraries, tools and frameworks for the apps. These tools and frameworks are developed by the various mobile application development service providers (MADP) and thus provide a secure, stable and open environment.


Apps developed with RAD can be used to create any type of business-specific apps. Thus, this enables the business to customize the product or service as per the requirement and business requirements. This is in contrast to the Java-based alternatives where the business must first develop and deploy the business-specific apps. As a result, the enterprise software platform lacks flexibility and control.


The enterprise version of the rad platform is scalable and flexible. This means that it can scale up to huge business-specific apps and can even cater to the customized apps. Moreover, it can also handle large enterprise data in order to facilitate better business communication and response. Since the app developers can easily create the custom app using the business intelligence (BI) platform and controls, the system can adapt to the ever-changing business scenario.

Easy development:

With the open source and easy to use tools, the development process can be easily integrated into the business process. As a result, the enterprise rad model is able to support and enable app developers to create custom and unique apps in a hassle free manner. As a result, the enterprise platform ensures easy customization and integration. This is in comparison to the Java-based alternatives where the process requires a high degree of technical expertise and programming knowledge to develop custom apps.

Open source:

One of the major benefits of the enterprise rad model is its open source. The platform is based on the Jigsaw mobile app development platform and so there are absolutely no restrictions or licensing issues. As a result, this allows the open source platform to help the app development business-specific apps and business solutions gain more traction amidst a competitive market. Even the enterprise version is supported by a wide range of devices, including tablets and smart phones.


Another major advantage of the enterprise rad platform is its flexibility. The enterprise version of the Rad Mobile app development architecture supports a number of advanced features including the flexible navigation options that can change according to the users’ needs. Additionally, it offers an array of rich user interface features for creating dynamic user interfaces. As a result, the efficiency of the business intelligence platform is enhanced with the help of various third party tools and plugins. This way, the enterprise rad platform facilitates the creation of more efficient apps that can cater to the business needs of various groups within a shorter period of time with Mendix vs outsystems vs powerapps vs wavemaker pricing.


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