Gambling is a significant global industry that has grown dramatically in recent decades. When it comes to online casinos, many new ones are popping up every day, and some of them are well-known for launching new games. The expansion of this industry has improved the economic circumstances of the countries involved, resulting in thousands of jobs.

For example, countries like Canada have been observing a rise in online casinos, with people spending more time gambling and playing due to global lockdowns.

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Online casinos are more than just outlets for fun. On a daily basis, they manage billions of dollars in cash transactions in the form of consumer wagers and reward distributions to winners. Because of this global cash flow, cybersecurity has become a significant concern for the online casino industry.

With the rise in hacking and cyber-attacks, casino companies are looking for qualified individuals to join their teams. As a result, more people are enrolling in online Cyber Security courses to help businesses improve their security.

In this article, our author Daniel Bennet discusses the top seven Cyber-Security roles you can choose to begin your career in the field. Follow him for more such content!

Security Systems Administrator

A security systems administrator is responsible for a company’s security infrastructure, including installing, maintaining, and troubleshooting various security systems, such as data and network security. They are frequently involved in the development of organizational security processes as well. The basic requirement to apply for this role is to hold a Computer Science degree.

Cyber Security Engineer

A cyber security engineer’s responsibility is to run system tests for security problems and deliver updates and patches to address them. It also entails inspecting and guaranteeing that a casino’s payment platforms are free of flaws.

Security Specialist

The main responsibility of a security specialist is to secure the software and security network of the casino. The job function requires internal and external safety audits and vulnerability checks, risk analysis, and security assessments.

Senior Security Researcher

A senior security researcher examines and analyzes open-source vulnerabilities and will provide high-quality security data derived from software vulnerability research. They also assist in the development of new ideas and prototypes by providing detection and remedial guidance.

IT Security Professional

An IT Security Professional’s responsibility is to deal with network security, specifically in terms of the development of security frameworks to cope with potentially serious difficulties.

They are typically involved in system maintenance, security checks to identify any flaws, and the creation of logs to keep track of any accidents. While hiring, employers look for candidates with a  degree in Engineering or Computer Science.

Cyber Defense Analyst

A Cyber Defense analyst assesses events that occur within their environments using data acquired from several cyber defense tools in order to mitigate threats. They also provide timely detection, analysis, and alerting of potential attacks/intrusions and monitor and analyze the system to detect any malicious activities.

Forensics Analyst/Investigator

Cybercrime is the focus of Forensics Experts. They are required to preserve meticulous records of their investigations and frequently testify in court. This position necessitates extreme caution while handling evidence and instructing first responders on how to deal with electronic evidence such as computers, hard discs, and portable devices.

Security Auditor

A security auditor’s role is like that of any other auditor, which is to examine a company’s security systems in order to protect it from malicious hackers. To understand their position and responsibilities, these experts must undergo a Cyber Security audit training course.

Incident Responder

Incident responders are a valuable asset to a company, and they are typically individuals that have completed Cyber Security incident response certification. Their job comprises swiftly addressing threats and taking the appropriate precautions to prevent future issues.

Cyber-Security Architect

A cyber-security architect is a senior-level professional in charge of an organization’s computer and network security infrastructure planning, design, testing, implementation, and maintenance. Their main role is to align the security strategy and infrastructure of the firm with the overall business and technology strategy. The position necessitates a detailed grasp of the employer’s business and the technologies it employs to execute operations.


The digital industry is currently driving a large proportion of the global gambling industry’s growth through the spread of online platforms that offer slots, bingo, card games, and clients worldwide, making it possible to make a career in online gaming companies. Make sure you check out the above cyber security jobs if you are considering moving into this long-lasting and growing industry.


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