Looking for more information on water pumps? This is the article for you!

There are a variety of pumps available in the market today, each different from the other. The value of these pumpsvaries depending on the quality and the prices of theproducts used to produce the pumps. It is more likely that pumps with ahigh cost of production will be costlier as compared to the rest. Here are the things you need to know before making a purchase.


These pumps can be used in a variety of applications to make work easier, save cost as well as minimize the overall time used to perform certain activities. Here are the uses of these incredible pumps;

The pumps can be used in cuttinghard materials such as wood and raising concrete during renovation.

It can also be used in the building sector to raise sharp edges and in the preparation of floors. They can also play a part in cleaning houses pumps.


The high pressure water pump prices in Kenya differ depending on the type of pump. Here are some of the common types.

Fire hydrant systems. These are pumpsthatuse massive force to boosttheir ability of fire-fighting. This is done by increasing the pressure within the hydrant for it to be efficient.

Gear pumps. These pumps are directly connected to several plunger pumps and as a result getting rid of the many requirements needed. It is more efficient for dealing with thick liquids.

Submersible pumps. They are also known as septic pumps, sewage, or storm-water pumps. They aremainly used for domestic, building services, etc. As seen, they can be used in a variety of applications be it low head, low flow, high flow, or low head.

Piston pumps. These pumps use less force as compared to other plunger pumps. They are mostly used in irrigation, fire-fighting, and different kind of buildings to enhance the movement of liquids within the building.

Plunger pumps. It is also known as a high velocity/ pressure pump as it provides high pumping force. It is not only used for pumping liquids but can also be used to pump viscous media as well as solids.


Rate of flow

The quality of the pump.

The type of fluid to be pumped

The inlet size

Maximum pressure needed.

Price of the pump.

Power supply


Provides consistent pressure to meet all the demand of water supply or to perform any other task.

Saves on both money, time consumed and the effort put in by the user.


It is noisy.

Difficulty to acquire good quality at an affordable price.

Negative effect on the environment.


These pumps vary from brand to brand. Water pump prices in Kenya depend on the type of the pump and the quality of materials used in its manufacture. Customers should seek more guidance and information on the types of these pumps and how they are used before making a purchase.


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