Solar energy is gradually replacing traditional energy supply methods. That’s because solar energy is affordable, and it doesn’t require a lot of maintenance. There is a wide range of RVers in the market who are followers of this type of product and are particularly interested in solar energy, so we need to pay attention to their needs.


The RV solar energy craze is growing in popularity. It’s an affordable, environmentally-friendly way to power RVs and travel on the go. Sungold Solar makes these flexible solar panels for RVs as affordable as they get! If you are considering a solar panel manufacturer, you can choose Sungold Solar. Sungold Solar has extensive experience in the manufacture of flexible solar panels for RVs and is capable of producing high quality solar panels.

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Features and advantages of Sungold Solar panels for RVs

Features of RV flexible solar panels: Thin and semi-flexible panels, highly durable, 19-25% energy conversion efficiency.

Advantages of RV flexible solar panels: Extend the life of expensive RV batteries and reduce expenses. Solar panels can completely replace generators with no noise pollution.


If you’ve been waiting for the RV solar energy craze to hit your area, it’s time to get ready. The prices of solar panels have decreased dramatically in the last few years, and now it’s much more affordable than ever. Sungold Solar is devoted to the production of such products, and it is a huge supplier, worthy of the cooperation of every enterprise or distributor.


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