Both CBD flower and Delta 8 are renowned names in the field of cannabis-derived consumable products. There both are terms that you might have heard quite often. The second most prevalent cannabinoid molecule from the hemp and cannabis plant is CBD (Cannabidiol). The top-most position of this list is taken by THC, the term used for referring to the Delta-9 THC. CBD is a non psychoactive substance that does provide the consumer with the feeling of getting high. 

On the other hand, Delta-8 THC is one of the trending cannabinoids found in a hemp plant. Unlike CBD that is naturally extracted from the plant, Delta-8 is made by removing chemicals from the THC. Delta-8 THC is highly seen as the lighter version of the THC. Delta-8 THC provides its consumer with quite a good amount of feeling of being high. The main difference between the Delta-8 THC and THC is their molecular composition.

Does Delta-8 THC CBD exist?

To clear the air from the very start, the answer is No. Nothing such as a Delta-8 THC CBD exists or is made. Both of them consist of quite many different traits and are not suited for a chemical compound with each other. 

But they both are often consumed after forming a mixture of both of them. This mixture has been used for many years, and a large community still prefers it. 

Differences between CBD and Delta-8 THC

There are many differences in both of these products, and hence, they leave variable effects on the consumer’s body. Some of the critical polarity differences between Delta-8 THC and CBD are as below:

  • Delta-8 provides the consumer with a mild feeling of high and other noticeable sensations in the body that they might not have felt before. At the same time, CBD consists of a negligible amount of THC content and is used for recreational purposes without providing any feeling of getting high.
  • One of the biggest cons of consuming Delta-8 is that you can get caught with a drug test due to its high THC content. Whereas, you will pass with flying colors on a drug test after consuming CBD, as it contains a negligible amount of THC content that the drug testing chemicals do not notice much.
  • One thing to make sure while consuming Delta-8 is to be aware of your surroundings as the high feeling that it can provide you might cause trouble for you when it wears off, and you get to know what you’ve done while being stoned. Whereas you can consume CBD anywhere, it is often in the drinks available in recreational centers, such as bars or pubs.


Despite whether you are consuming Delta-8 THC or CBD, always make sure never to overdose as its aftereffects can leave a long-term impression. There are many ways through which you can drink any or both of these products. CBDs are used for consumption after mixing it with your food items, whereas Delta-8 is mainly consumed through smoking.


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