The core purpose why laddersare used isto help the user toextend theirreach. Different types of ladders allow a larger extension compared to others. This is normal due to the different sizes the ladder comes in. This article provides ladder details of how they work and the different types that are found in the Kenyan Market today. The article will also discuss the prices of the Ladders


In 1862, in Dayton, John H invented step ladders. After making thefirst ladder, he included hinges on it, helping the user to fold it after they are done using the ladder. The older ladders were made of ropes, funny to say that some of the countries still use those types of ladders. There are other ladders that are made of wood. The wood has to be so strong to be considered in making ladders.

Types of ladders

1.       Step ladders

These are common types of laddersin Kenya. They range in size between 4 feet and 20 feetlong, along the side rail.  Shorter stepladders than 4 feet are considered types of step stool.  The uppermoststand-up level on a step ladder is a little more than 2 feet from the ladders top.  Thispeak standing level should be labeled on the specifications label on the rail’s side of the product.

These types of ladders come at a very affordable price.

Platform ladders

 Platform ladders are self-sustainingmovable ladders that are not adjustable in length.Platform ladders vary in size and design. They usually have a range of between2 ft. and 18 ft. in long, measured from the lowestpart along the side rail to the topmost of the platform. They are alsocommon in Kenya among the other types of ladders. Normally, most seller have affordable ladder price in Kenya for these category of ladders.

Extension ladders

Extension ladders typicallyconsist of 2 sections operating with guides or brackets that allow the adjustments of the ladders to different lengths as desired. These ladders, unlike the platform ladders, aren’t self-supporting. They require stable structures that can endure the weight of the intended load.

These ladders aremostly used by firefighters in Kenya due to their ability to extend to longer heights. This ability helps in regulating the fire.

Different sellers have different ladder price in Kenya, but one can argue that extension ladders are slightly expensive irrespective of the seller.

Straight ladders

This are articulated ladders withthe sections in line. Straight ladder are the most common ones asthey are regularly used in our homes. In almost every single homestead in the villages there is a straight ladder. They are the most affordable ladders among the rest. They are also easy to make, that one can make one for their homestead without much effort.


Ladders are important equipment that is used by almost everyone either for industrial use or basic daily activities. For those involve in “serious” ladder activities, it is always wise to consider the work you need to do with the ladder before deciding the type you want to purchase. The price of the ladder should be the second consideration, after the purpose has been considered.



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