Tamilplay is a common pirated site uploading illegal copies of Hollywood and international movies without the required license. It is an offense to illegally download movies and view them online, irrespective of where and how they were uploaded. Tamilplay is also a movies download portal that posted many duplicate copies of Hollywood and international movies without the required license. It is illegal to pirate any movie or film from copyrighted material whether it is Indian, Chinese or foreign, even if it shows some nudity or sex scenes. All the pictures and movies that are pirated are made available for download only through licensed websites.

The website Tamilplay charges nominal price for watching tamil movies but some free movie downloads sites are also available to watch movies at no cost. You just need to enter a search query in the website’s search box and you can get access to a list of movie download sites. You can also get Tamilplay membership for limited periods.

The website Tamilplay offers many features to make the watching experience of its patrons as simple as possible. It has an extensive library comprising of both classic and recent movies, many of them are in English and some in Tamil. All the movies are uploaded on daily basis and some of them have been rated by critics and fans. Another interesting feature is that you can see the latest Hindi movie schedule and the movie posters and other movie information posted by other users on the website.

Tamilplay has many categories like action, adventure, comedy, family, fantasy, thriller, medical, horror, romance and western. The list of these categories is so vast that one can’t resist visiting them all. As far as the movie categories in English are concerned, Tamilplay has quite a few in its database. For example, there is action and adventure category where you will find many movies like remakes of Bond movies, Star Wars Episodes, Harry Potter and many others. There is also a separate section for chick flick and kiddie category.

Another unique feature of this portal is its search engine. Tamilplay has a search engine called the Cyber Search Engine. This search engine is exclusive only to this portal and not available anywhere else. The feature enables the user to search for movies by actor’s name, genre, release date, budget and many more. Tamil cinema has always been one of the most loved languages of South India and it can be rightly said that tamil cinema has achieved a huge popularity all over the country. Tamilplay has a good library of both classic and modern tamil movies and many of them are available on their official websites.

Tamilplay also has a special feature known as the Active Link feature. The Active Link is similar to a hyperlink on any other website but when you click on the ‘activate link’ option on the Tamilplay page, it automatically redirects you to the Tamil movie download website. So, while viewing a movie on this portal, you don’t have to worry about the original website getting taken off the net due to illegal downloading. You can stay protected from all these problems by installing the Tamil Play antivirus. So, with just a few clicks, you can get access to some of the best Tamil movie downloads at an affordable price.


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