Many everyday foods are high in sugar and carbs, which is why I’ve found healthier substitutions to use in my recipes. I was that girl who could never stop at ½ cup of pasta or one chip, so I loved putting together this information—all the foods in each photo have the same amount of carbs, so they make it shockingly clear just how much healthier these replacements are.

As Craig and I prepped the ingredients to photograph, Craig had to keep making more and more and more zucchini noodles just to equal the carbs in a measly ½ cup of whole-wheat pasta! As you’re probably well aware, a ketogenic diet typically omits gluten. But you may not realize that gluten lurks in many unexpected places! Once when we were visiting family, someone asked if I wanted a Bloody Mary, explaining that the mix she had bought was gluten-free.

I don’t drink alcohol, so I passed, but the offer prompted my brother to ask if Bloody Marys typically contain gluten. Yep, many mixes include Worcestershire sauce (or the bartender will add a few drops to the mix), and Worcestershire sauce contains gluten.

During that same visit, my aunt made stuffed mushrooms and claimed that they were gluten-free because she hadn’t added any crackers or breadcrumbs, but when I asked her for her recipe, she said that she adds a few dashes of Worcestershire sauce.

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This hidden gluten can be quite problematic for people with serious allergies! So I put a list together for you, whether you want to get rid of all gluten from your diet or you have a guest coming for dinner who suffers from a gluten allergy.

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