The causes of Sublimation printhead breakdown

The newly bought digital sublimation inkjet printing machine often has a slight blockage of the nozzle. As a result, the sublimation printer is unable to work normally and the order cannot be produced on time. Experienced customers who get to know about the sublimation inkjet printer may make simple adjustments or repairs, but this is a particularly difficult problem for novices. So what is the reason for the nozzle blockage of digital printing machine? Digital printing machine nozzle often blocked how to do? Let’s have a brief look.

As we all know, good quality products are made under the condition of normally working printhead. At the same time, the printhead works well, so does the sublimation ink. Printhead is an indispensable core of digital sublimation printer. But it is prone to failure for not being used properly. Do you know the reasons that lead to the breakdown of digital sublimation

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Firstly, the dried ink blocks the nozzle. It’s known that ink is easy to evaporate, but it volatilizes solids in the air. In our daily use, when the spray hole is spraying to the medium, there will always be some ink left around. This part of ink will slowly make the spray hole smaller after drying in the air, resulting in the blockage of the nozzle spray hole.
Secondly, the unstable voltage may influence the outout of sublimation ink. There are two factors that cause the instability of the voltage. One is the electronic components of the driving circuit may be aging for the day after day usage and the other is that too much dried ink dirty accumulates on the components.
Thirdly, The nozzle may be damaged when change the ink.
Fourthly, The nozzle blocks for not being used for Long time. The phenomenon is usually seen in factory where the sublimation inkjet printing task is not full and often shut down at night, the ink will not flow in the nozzle for a long time, which is easy to be adsorbed on the internal filter screen or the wall of the ink channel.Then it will reduce the cross- sectional area of the ink flow and lead to the nozzle blockage. To pursue good printing efeect, you need to print test strip before each start to test the printing status of the nozzle. After printing, the nozzle should return to the initial position in time.

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Fifthly, Use inferior ink. The raw materials used in inferior ink are of poor quality, large particles and many impurities, which are easy to block the nozzle, resulting in the disconnection of digital sublimation printer. Therefore, it is recommend that you choose high-quality ink when purchasing ink, because the original ink from the manufacturer, which has guaranteed quality and better compatibility with the equipment.

Tips on Solving Sublimation Inkjet Printing Ink Blocking Problems

When you realize the ink blockage slightly, you need to use the cleaning function of printer in time. If you use its cleaning function regularly, you will find that what you have done in daily is vital and meaningful, because it can avoid the major blockage problems and keep the nozzle in good working condition during the long-term printing process. However, if your nozzle is blocked heavily, you have to remove the nozzle and soak it in the cleaning solution for cleaning. When it comes to different ink blockage, you should learn to analyze the situation case by case and clean the nozzle can’t solve all the problems. There is another situation: This kind of breaking during the printing is caused by ink sac and nozzle. The reason may be that some ash in the sac and the aging nozzle. At this time, the ink bag and nozzle need to be cleaned. If the nozzle cannot be cleaned, it needs to be replaced. If the ink is suddenly broken during the process of printing image seriously, for example, when printing solid color base map (generally 5-10cm), it breaks badly. This kind of ink breaking is mostly caused by ink. At this time, it is necessary to replace a high-quality ink.
Although traditional printing has always been widely used for a long time, digital sublimation printer is still at its initial stage. With the continuous improvement of global environmental protection requirements, the transformation from traditional printing to digital printing is an inevitable trend, and its potential development space is huge. Compared with traditional
printing, the production environment of digital sublimation printing machine is clean and tidy, which saves the process of mesh making and washing, greatly reduces industrial wastewater and use of assembly line workers, and saves labor costs.  In a nutshell, with the improvement of people’s consumption level, the demand for individualization is higher and higher.

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