The process of studying is lengthy and also the process is tiresome if the study routine is not scheduled properly. The study and learning process is easier and goes hand in hand when one follows and sticks to a proper schedule. Many learners tend to create and plan a perfect schedule but fail to follow it. The reasons for unfollowing may be unplanned tasks, pending and incomplete tasks or some other important things that come up. Every learner knows that following a study plan will yield good results. In this article, we will throw some light on how to stick to the study schedule.

Know your current schedule

One must know and understand the current routine for the entire day. Analysing the current schedule includes the time spent in school or colleges, time spent on studies, extra-curricular activities, health and fitness, family time and hobbies. In the current schedule, one must know how much time is wasted and how much time is spent productively. If one finds that much of the time is spent efficiently then one can go with the current schedule, else one can prepare another schedule that is based on the activities which are productive and are for own betterment.

Setting realistic goals

Setting appropriate goals is a vital element of the study schedule. Every learner has long term goals such as scoring good grades in the year-end examination, cracking a competitive exam. It is important to note that to achieve long term goals, a few short term goals must be set up. Short term realistic goals indicate achieving a few milestones step by step. One cannot study the entire syllabus within a day, instead, a learner can do it little on daily basis. Realistic goals mean setting up goals that can be accomplished in reality. It is not possible to solve 100 maths questions in one hour, instead one can aim to solve 20 questions in one hour. This method helps to track the studied memory and also helps to retain the concepts for a longer time.

Flexible schedule with backup

A study schedule does not include all the time study English lessons by skype. The schedule consists of enough time for study, a few hours for hobbies, games and also for breaks. The schedule must be planned in such a way that it does not include a bulk amount of study at a stretch and also lengthier breaks. Short and regular breaks in between the schedule are entertained. The break can include fun activities such as a walk in the garden, listening to music, reading a novel, pursuing a hobby. With all this, the schedule must also include an extra backup time so that if any important or uncertain task pops up in between one must be capable of adjusting it during the schedule without making any changes in the routine plan.

 Know your active time zone

The active time zone is the time when a person feels active and is energised to do much of his study and other activities. Few learners are active early in the morning, few feel energised in the late evening after an afternoon nap and few tend to feel active at night. One must know their active time zone so that they can constructively spend those hours. Studying one one’s active zones one helps to grasp the things easily. One can utilise this time in studying, solving numericals, writing and practising english q&a, or even doing the homework. Any productive task can be performed at this active time zone.

Apt study environment

The place where one studies aids in staying focused. The study place must be limited to essential study materials like books and writing materials. The study place must be away from distractions from electronic gadgets such as laptops, mobiles and other electronic items. A clean space creates a door for a clear mind and this helps in concentrating on studies. One has to declutter the study space and mind before initiating the study process.

One may find it difficult to stick to the schedule at an early stage but following it daily and making it as an habit helps in the long run. Once a student sticks to the schedule then the entire day will go easily without any distractions and feeling tired. Following a schedule is more important than preparing it and sticking it on the wall.

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