Many of you are probably interested in developing a mobile app for your business. Whether it’s a Custom app or a rental app, use it before everyone starts hiring or do that app. Today, I will take you all to know the working process in enterprise applications development¬† framework. What are the steps?

The essential thing that is indispensable is IDEA.

The app will be great. Or there are many big companies in Silicon Valley. Great companies start with ideas. If you don’t have an idea yet, Try to train yourself to think in the corner of the problem and various possible solutions, let the brain practice thinking until it becomes a habit why is this Why do we do this step before and after is there a better way to solve this problem? If we identify the problem and the inefficiency of the current market. If you arrive now, That means you’ve gone through the process. App development is halfway through.

The next step will be to analyze why this section still exists? So why hasn’t anyone created an app to solve this problem for a long time? Talk to other people about this problem. Put yourself in the world of this problem as much as possible. After fully understanding the problem, you started to think about how the mobile app could solve this problem. In this section, if we have technical knowledge about what mobile apps can do will help a lot. Wavemaker enterprise low code will help us reduce the problem of thinking and focus on the work process more efficiently.

1. Planning

1.1 Competitor analysis

In the first step in planning, we will make an application. The first step should be to analyze competitors first. See what competitor apps look like, whether it’s a feature, structuring, or UX/UI, and there’s more. that we should look at, for example

  • Competitor app downloads
  • Study competitor app reviews. What are the advantages and disadvantages? What are some reviews?
  • Company history See if the company is doing well. So what problems did you encounter along the way? and see how they can build their user base
  • Why do we need to study Analyze competitors first
  • We should learn as much as we can. Because mistakes have their price. Whether it’s a matter of time, person-hour, or various bugs
  • Non-essential features we can cut out. And we still have to keep checking. Until you find the right point. Learning from competitors helps
  • Save a lot of time
  • You learn from competitors. It will allow us to produce apps that are superior to competitors. And can also expand your ideas quickly.

1.2 Earning

There are many ways to earn money, such as in-app purchases, monthly subscriptions, freemium/premium feature, ads, sell data, or the standard model is paid app, pay before loading, so the monetization process is another one that we should. I will think ahead because many companies have done it. and then just come back and look at the revenue from the app, which sometimes is too late.

1.3 Marketing

This is also a necessary process. Is planning to promote the marketing of the enterprise web app development frameworks. You must specify that How do we market our app? What is the biggest obstacle? Let’s say you have a team of designers and devs that can create awesome apps. But if there are no people to load, that’s all. Many companies will encounter obstacles; the next step is how to load people. It has a beautifully designed app. And it works great in the store where no one loads it. So you need to know your budget and how you do your marketing and write it out.
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