Sports betting is one of the fastest-growing markets in the world. Recently, this industry saw a huge boom as more people stayed at home with the pandemic and needed some sort of entertainment. In some countries, cricket betting gained even more fans, and then the need to find the proper bookmaker comes rushing through. For trusted bets, you can check cricket live rates here.

All about cricket

Cricket is considered a “cousin” of baseball and is a little-known sport in some parts of the world, but with millions of followers where it is popular.

In countries like South Africa, Pakistan, India, and Australia, cricket is considered one of the most popular sports, surpassing even soccer. The current cricket world champion is England, who beat New Zealand in the finals.

In a cricket game, there are two teams with eleven players on each side, just like in football. The cricket field has three divisions on each side: a Rectangle or “Pitch,” an Inner Circle or “Infield,” and an Outer Circle or “Outfield.”

The rectangle is in the middle of the field, where the scout attackers are. Each attacker plays with a cricket bat, while at the edges of the rectangle are two defensive players, the pitcher and the batter.

At each end of the rectangle are placed the “Wickets,” which are three wooden stakes, with two pieces of wood called “Bails.”

Compared to other sports, disputes are still long-lasting. A match, which is played in two halves, can last an afternoon or an entire night.

Betting on cricket

The best bookmakers globally make cricket betting available to their customers with lots of markets to bet on. Parimatch is one of those houses, and it will be used as an example to show the main markets available.

In addition to betting on the winner of the match, you can also bet on who will be the best batsman for each team. On the Parimatch page dedicated to cricket, you can check out statistics to help you bet on this market.

Those who like to bet on “over/under” in football will also find a bet option in cricket, but this time it is the number of runs (runs) that are at stake. You can bet on total runs for the first over and total runs for the match.

In addition to betting on the best hitter, you can also bet on who will be the best bowler on each team. The bowler is the pitcher who tries to knock down the opposing team’s wicket.

For players who like the Asian handicap market, there is also the possibility of betting on this sport in cricket.

There are several other markets in cricket, such as “Total Sixes in Game,” “Total Fours,” “Total Batsman Runs in Game,” among others.

The greater the importance of the match and the tournament, the greater the number of betting opportunities available. In small repercussion games, you will usually find basic markets such as clash winner and toss winner.

After all, it is not recommended that you concentrate all your bets on just one segment. It is necessary to have this diversity so that the loss is not too great in case of defeat. So, if you lose in one segment, you will be compensated by winning in another.

By betting on a site that brings together the above qualities, it will offer you an ideal betting environment for you to always keep motivated to improve even more. Therefore, it is recommended to use Parimatch as your trusted bookmaker.


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