If you’re selling anything on the internet – as opposed to selling in a bricks and mortar store – you don’t get the luxury of being able to speak directly with your customers. Organic SEO strategies drive customers to your website when done right, but it matters what they experience when they arrive, so here we help you with some digital marketing tips ecommerce owners can’t afford to ignore. 


There are some fine margins at play when speaking about ecommerce success, so even if things aren’t going for you right now, profitability could be just around the corner. Let’s just see if we have a tip or two that could turn things around for you. 


Minimising Friction in the Buying Journey


When potential customers arrive at your store, one of the most important factors is the ease by which they’re able to find the product they want and purchase it. Anything that works against this is referred to as ‘friction’, so it’s important that aspects like accurate product information, shipping details and calls to action like ‘Buy Now’ are included. 


Using the Right Ecommerce Platform 


One of the fundamentals that needs to be addressed is which ecommerce platform you’re using for your ecommerce enterprise. It’s essentially the backbone of your online business, so it needs to allow both the back and front-end of your store to work efficiently together. So, the first of our digital marketing tips ecommerce store owners should pay heed to is fully researching the available options and identifying one that suits all of your needs. 


Avoid Directing Visitors Away From Your Site


Go onto some ecommerce stores and you’ll see a certain amount of social media links or affiliate links to products you might be interested in. Unfortunately, what this does is encourage people to leave your site and not buy from you, so while it’s important to maximise revenue, don’t shoot yourself in the foot by overdoing things like these that basically tell potential customers to go elsewhere.

Your Website Is Your Shop Window 


What you have to bear in mind is that you only have a few seconds to impress anyone who finds themselves on your website. So, if your store is littered with typos, shoddy-looking images or is simply not laid out well, they’re never going to take out their debit card to buy from you. Invest time, effort and money in your website or you could find your sales numbers suffer.


Digital Marketing Tips Ecommerce Stores Should Use


These have been just a few digital marketing tips ecommerce owners can use to tip the balance in their favor and the interesting thing is that there are dozens more to employ. It’s these differences that literally separate the best from the rest, so it’s wise to invest time in getting these factors right. 


Even if you just address the four points that we’ve raised here, it could make a huge difference to your fortunes, so we’re not talking about minor things here.

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Customers can be fickle and market trends change, but if you’ve got a great looking website, with a smooth buying journey, you go a long way to ensuring that your bottom line reflects all the hard work you’ve put into it.

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