Skincare is the need of the hour with more and more brands making products that help in achieving clear and beautiful skin.

Skincare is being widely advocated not only by brands but also by makeup artists, bloggers, and healthcare workers who have been advocating the benefits of taking good care of the skin using products and from within.

Good skin is the indication of good health in most cases. Achieving good skin has become much easier with amazing skin care products that have been launched in the market. These skincare products have special ingredients that make targeted treatment possible to get clear and problem-free skin.

Skin Types and Products

There are basically 5 types of skin and the entire market has been divided into 5 ranges based on the skin types:

1. Oily Skin

Oily skin type is caused by excess production of facial oils from the sebaceous glands causing the skin to be oily. This can be indicated by the excess presence of oil, shine, and accumulation of dirt and grease on the facial skin, especially the T-zone.

2. Dry Skin

Dry skin is the lack of facial oils that are produced by the sebaceous glands making the skin feel and look dry to appearance. Dry skin is indicated by the absence of natural moisture, a feeling of dryness, and a stretchy sensation on the skin.

3. Combination Skin

Combination skin is one of the problematic skin types when some areas of the face have excess moisture due to oil secretion while the rest of the areas have very little oil secretion on the face causing it to feel too dry and stretchy.

4. Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skin is also a problematic skin condition where the skin is overly reactive to any kind of product. The skin may develop redness, rashes, and allergies and is also very sensitive to sunlight and cosmetic or skincare products.

5. Acne-Prone Skin

Acne-Prone skin is a condition of skin type which is very prone to getting frequent acne attacks of any kind – whiteheads, blackheads, nodules, pustules, or cysts. Acne-prone skin requires a special range of products as their skin is very easily irritated.

Best skincare products for all kinds of skin types

Below is a list of skincare products that one can rely on for taking good care of the skin without having to worry about skin types:

1. Face Wash

A face wash is one of the safest products for the skin that helps in cleansing the skin by removing any impurities, excess oil, dead skin cells, and dirt that has accumulated over the day. Choose a product based on your skin type.

2. Face Scrub

A good scrub is essential as it helps in mild scrubbing of any dead skin cells and revealing clear skin within. Mild physical exfoliation can be done with coffee, sugar, or salt-based scrubs.

3. Toner

Toners are an excellent form of tightening the pores and cleansing them thoroughly so as to make pores smaller and shrink them from appearance.

4. Moisturiser

Moisturizer is a bare essential as it helps in hydrating the skin and making the skin soft and moisturized. It also helps in creating a moisture barrier so that the skin has enough nourishment and nutrition.

5. Eye Cream

An eye cream can help in minimizing the stress under the eye area and minimizing fine lines, wrinkles, under-eye discoloration, etc.


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