In the software world, we often rely on third-party libraries, APIs, and systems to enable us to focus on developing critical business areas quickly and out of the question. First, this approach is insufficient and often costs developers a lot of time in traditional development.

low code application development platform is an Agile style application development tool that emphasizes speed is the key. This is considered a new approach to system development compared to traditional development. That takes months. It can be done in just a few days when using low code. I was able to see the picture and test the functionality.

But in speed, a point must be taken into account, which is the overhead value calculated per User, which is essentially several hundred baht that we have to pay to continue to use the system.

Which low code camps are there?

According to Gartner 2020 data, we will see a group of leaders such as Microsoft, mendix vs powerapps vs outsystems vs Wavemaker pricing, OutSystems, which stand out altogether. But when looking at the price point, Microsoft’s is much more flexible because it starts at $10 per user per month that can only be purchased for one User for one month compared to other brands. That must be purchased for $1000 per month.

Why is this an advantage since Low Code development requires rental tools? So you can start developing. Microsoft has rented out a little bit, and you can develop it. Compared to other brands, You will see that it is much more economical.

Low Code: Microsoft Power Platform

It includes Power Apps for creating data entry and the primary interface for communicating with users. Power Apps itself has capabilities such as AI to convert images to data or voice to data, robot chat to respond to questions. with Users.

Power Automate controls data connections to various data sources and creates workflows to approve data. The development will be drag and drop. which does not require writing code.


  • Develop system development on SharePoint
  • Migrate Document to Office 365
  • Migrate Mail to Cloud
  • Design Templates of SharePoint
  • Develop PowerApps
  • Config AD
  • Training
  • Backup Data on Cloud

Power Automation is a part of Business Process Automation. To create a complete solution, additional components are required as follows:

  • Power Automate for data flow control
  • Power App for creating an interface, data logging and browsing.
  • SharePoint as a database for the system.

Examples of low-code systems such as E-forms

E-form means a form that can be filled out via Web or App. Various devices such as Mobile, PC, etc. This system is used instead of filling out with paper. Reduce the working time of Applicants and service providers get quality work, fast and convenient for both parties.

  • It helps to change the format of recording data to digital.
  • Making this system can reduce costs twice as compared to the use of paper, including the cost of paper, document maker, Admin for data collection. Storage area because of paper reduction can reduce people Reduce transportation costs as well.
  • Add convenience if someone says it’s more convenient to sign on paper.

Low-code will help work more efficiently.

In the end, low code is a way for rad application builder to do more. With low-code systems, you can spend time building and repetitive tasks. In less time, It’s well known that learning the latest JavaScript framework or getting the latest in NoSQL can be fun. But while you spend time debugging unfamiliar code, Your competitors may have taken away your customers. You can visit here to know about the abovethenews. On the other hand, you can also get more essential info on dbfile. Here is the best news portal thoughtco where you can get the latest news around the world.

Low-code doesn’t compromise developers’ value, but low-code allows teams of developers to create new value. faster than ever while still being able to create new web and mobile applications with higher quality.


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