If you have filed a claim for a personal injury accident, you should know that the insurance companies are not on your side. The at-fault party will try their best to deny your claim or negotiate for paying the least amount possible. Contact a lexington personal injury attorney to get more legal information.

The insurance companies will use various tactics to question the genuineness of your claim and try to invalidate your credibility. They will hire a private investigator to gather the information that can be used against you.

Aim of the Private Investigator

The sole reason behind hiring a private investigator is to look up the victim’s daily activities and collect details that can aid in proving that the claims made by the victim are ingenuine. That information will invalidate the affected person’s grievances and prove that the damage is not that severe.

Private investigators are professional in remaining out of sight and collecting confidential information from their targets through their skills. Many victims are unaware that insurance companies are setting them up, and an investigator is all up in their business.

They follow the victims and conduct thorough background research on their targets. They check the following things to dig up information against the victims:

  • Financial details

They look up your financial history to check if you are going through a crisis. The insurance company can use it to prove that you might be exaggerating the damages to seek more compensation than needed so that you can recover your other losses along with the current ones.

  • Social media¬†

They check your social media profiles to ensure that you are injured and incapable of moving freely or participating in physical tasks. Therefore, you should avoid posting on social media for some time if you have been an accident victim.

  • Records of driving

The insurance company may look up your driving records to find any history of careless driving habits. This can be used as solid evidence to hold you partially liable for causing the accident. The records will display your previous events of lacking responsibility as a driver, and the insurance companies will use them to reduce your claim amount.

Tips for Protecting Your Claim

Private investigators can be annoying and invasive. However, they hold certain powers that can affect the outcome of your claim. To make sure that your case is protected, make sure to follow these tips

  • Follow your doctor’s orders

To prove the seriousness of your injury, it is crucial to follow the medication regimen decided by your doctor. Make sure that you avoid any circumstances that can worsen your injuries.

  • Avoid posting your business on social media.

Do not share any information regarding your injury or accident online. The information can be accessed by anyone and used against you.

  • Consult an attorney

If you are in a state of doubt, contact an attorney to know your legal rights. Make sure you discuss this with your attorney before accepting any offers made by insurance companies.


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