Genuine new parts for your vehicle and any associated repairs are critical for a variety of reasons.Recently the Australian Automotive Industry exhibits the alarming safety risks concerning the utilization of non-genuine parts. Genuine parts are utilized while building the car or motorcycle. These parts include genuine Holden parts chosen by the vehicle’s manufacturer and rigorously tested before, as these are the integral vehicle’s components to ensure safety,  excellent quality, and performance standards. It ensures that your car will operate, drive, and protect you in the manner intended.

You should only use replacement parts for your vehicle if you have been involved in a collision or need servicing and maintenance. You will only be getting genuine parts from the manufacturer’s authorized supply chain if you purchase them from the company, while from any other source can put you at risk. All the genuine parts such as Holden parts must be new, approved and warranted by the manufacturer.

What About Non-Genuine Parts?

Despite their appearance, non-genuine parts are not made, selected, or approved by the manufacturer of the motorcycle or car. Even they have never been tested as part of your vehicle. Features that are not genuine cannot guarantee the same safety and quality features as genuine parts.

Here Are The Benefits Of Getting The Right Holden Parts

Over time, your vehicle’s value could increase if you make the right choice. Also, you might be able to snag a bargain after a manufacturer ceases production. Although it is not always the best to buy the last models, but buying the previous units can save you a lot of money.

. Dealership Discounts

Most often a model that has been out of production for some time can still be bought at a discounted price from a car dealership. There will be a rush on retailers to clear out existing stock to make way for new releases. As an additional incentive for buyers, some dealerships also offer special package deals that include complimentary car parts or services.

. Low-Interest Rate Financing Is Available.

Some dealerships offer customers 0% financing on discontinued models, but the deal might not be available for older models.

. Possibility Of Earning Money

It is rare to find a discontinued car model. The model may not offer superior performance over newer models, but it may command a higher market price due to its rarity. A model with a loyal following and a fan base is more likely to lose its following. Holden Commodores, particularly the generations built locally, are a perfect example.

. A Customer-Centric Approach

They are specifically designed and manufactured to maximize the reliability and resale value of your Holden.

. Quality You Can Count On.

Holden thoroughly tests its products to ensure they meet or exceed recognized safety standards for uncompromised performance and reliability.

. Warranty From Holden

A nationwide warranty covering all Holden parts and ACDelco factory-approved details are in place for two years/50,000 km.

. Mind At Ease

Don’t risk damaging your Holden with non-genuine or counterfeit parts. You should only buy Holden Genuine or factory-approved parts from an authorized Holden dealer.


Experts are still predicting that Holden vehicles currently available at dealerships will lose up to 10% of their value in the resale market. As a result, if you plan on keeping the car for a long time, you should only purchase them.


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