While women do not often display the typical heart attack keek symptoms, they can recognize the warning signs if they see them. Heart disease is the number one killer of women, and it’s easy to mistake subtle signs for less serious problems. Here are five signs of a heart attack that may indicate a looming heart attack:


Chest pain or discomfort. While chest pain can indicate a heart attack, it is common for women to experience indigestion and gasping for breath. Although weworld these may be related to other conditions, women with chest pain should immediately seek medical attention. Women who have been exercising may also experience chest pain. These symptoms can be skillpage accompanied by fatigue. Women may feel exhausted a month before a heart attack. For this reason, women should not ignore any unusual sweating or other changes in their body.


Chest pain. Although men are more likely to experience this discomfort, women usually describe it as tightness, pressure, or aching. Approximately one-third of women who had heart trouble reported experiencing chest pain. Other symptoms included essembly shortness of breath, nausea, and clammy sweat. Listed below are some of the signs of a heart attack and how to identify them. While women should seek medical attention right away, they can delay the process.


Chest pain. Women describe heart attack pain as a tightness or pressure in their chest. In fact, women may have heart attacks without any visible symptoms. Women have a larger number of blockages in their small arteries than men, so they can easily filestube mistake the symptoms for flu. This means that women often dismiss their symptoms more quickly than men, and may not seek medical attention until 54 hours after they begin experiencing them. The symptoms may also be triggered by emotional stress or a physical activity that makes them feel tired.


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