There are many choices for menstrual hygiene, and tampons and pads are the most opted ones. But nowadays, period underwear, also known as leak proof underwear, is gaining popularity among those who menstruate.

For most females, menstruation is a natural and usual part of life. About half of the females in society are of reproductive age, accounting for around 26% of the global population. Every month, most women have their period for two to seven days. Menstruation, as common as it is, is still stigmatised over the world.

As per the Centre for Women’s Health, period underwear is the best alternative that promotes free-bleeding, i.e., its design/fabric allows for menstrual blood to be absorbed without blocking the flow.

How does period underwear help?

While period underwear may resemble conventional underwear, the fabric is what sets it apart. Extra layers of microfibre polyester are used to absorb blood and prevent wetness from contacting your skin and vaginal area or seeping onto your clothes. Period underwear comes in various styles depending on the heaviness of your flow, just like other menstrual products.

Fabric technology differs by brand, but it always revolves around absorbing liquids, avoiding leaks, and wicking moisture away from the skin.

Period underwear is a reusable product, thanks to its fabric technology. Most underwear can be machine washed, but the blood should be washed out first with cold water before putting it in with the rest of the laundry. Period underwear can also be hand washed in cold water and then hung to dry.

Who can wear these underwear?

It can be worn by anyone who wants to try it, and it is beneficial for certain people who have:

  • Irregular bleedings
  • Incontinence
  • Heavy bleeding
  • Dysphoria with typical menstrual products

What are the benefits of this underwear?

  • They are reusable, can be washed in the machine, and last up to 2 years when taken care of properly.
  • Unlike conventional undies, these underwear use fabric technology to increase absorbency and block leakage.
  • These can be used in combination with other menstrual products for total period protection. And website provide by world most popular entertainment music health lifestyle and much more information here.

Can one wear other feminine products with these undies?

Poor menstrual hygiene has been connected to reproductive and urinary tract infections, posing a physical health risk. Many young women and girls have limited access to affordable menstruation products. Urogenital illnesses could be reduced if they had access to private restrooms with running water and safer, low-cost menstrual products. Visit Here: ifun tv

Experts say that one shouldn’t restrict other menstrual products when one begins using these undies. You can use these products in combination and utilise the total productivity of both. leak proof underwear combined with other products will guarantee complete protection and hygiene all the time.

Period underwear is also a more environmentally responsible option than disposable pads and tampons. Using a reusable product decreases the amount of single-use plastic that ends up in landfills and the ocean. On average, a person who menstruates is estimated to use between 12,000 and 16,000 disposable menstruation products. Breaking down plastic from pads and tampons can take up to 100 years.

Menstrual hygiene is as important as personal hygiene, and no one should ignore it. And period underwear has proved itself as the best product for menstrual hygiene. Use leak proof underwear and other feminine hygiene with it for best hygiene practice.

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