With the release of the Xbox One X, Microsoft has added new features to its gaming console. Some of these are only available to Xbox Live Gold subscribers. If you don’t subscribe, you’ll miss them out. Sign up now to receive some great benefits. Let’s see below some of the new Xbox features that you should know.

Netflix-like app

 The Xbox App is a Netflix-like experience for your home console. Here you can watch content from Amazon Prime Video and Hulu via an app on your desktop or tablet or use the mobile apps on iOS, Android and Windows Phone devices. For example, if you want to download season 1 of a TV show like “The Leftovers” in HD, then it will be added to your Watchlist when you sign in and search using keywords, such as “Left Overs” or “The Leftovers.” 

Improved Twitch streaming

 Now you can do more while watching Twitch streamers play new online casino games with the newly redesigned game chat bar. You can even send GIFs and emojis right from the bar without having to open the player window first. It also provides better customization options for the text colour for both the chatbox and player titles. Twitch users can choose between two different chat colours – the default Blue and White colour scheme or the Dark Gray and Black theme.

Updated sharing

 Share photos and videos directly to Facebook by clicking on the three dots next to any video (or selecting one), then going to the Action menu and choosing Share To Facebook. Photos can also be shared through email, Twitter and other social networks.

Improved Snapshot function

 A new feature called Snapshot allows gamers to quickly save a screenshot of their screen during gameplay and view it later. This allows players to easily capture and share moments through screenshots and videos.

In conclusion, this is how the new Xbox console improved after coming out with its upgraded version – Xbox One X. This is a good upgrade because it comes with a lot of awesome and new features for Xbox fans. So why not give it a try? What are you waiting for? Do not forget to play new ace pokies online pokies games.


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