You don’t see a kitchen without a washing sink. It’s so important in the kitchen that we often forget that it can be styled to increase its functionality. From washing dishes and utensils to prepping for food and thawing the food – a washing sink serves multi-purpose. It keeps your kitchen from water splashes (learn here why you need a glass splashback in your kitchen) and keeps it mess-free. So, it should be designed in a way that you can become more flexible with washing and cooking.

So, if you’re renovating your kitchen and looking to change the sink area with a modern one, then you have to consider the following sink ideas. They not only make your sink area look contemporary but also practical and elegant. It can also become a focal point if you go a little extravagant in the design. It all depends on your personal choice. Well, let’s see below some of the great sink ideas. Ask a plumber Melbourne residents have trusteed for years for all of their sink and kitchen plumbing needs.

1. A sink with black granite

One could never go wrong with black. A black granite sink would look spectacular in your renovated kitchens by adding the right amount of style and depth. Choose this model if you want to have a contrast looking feature in your light-coloured kitchen. You can have this sink either on the main platform or on the kitchen island.

2. Secret component kitchen sink

To make the kitchen beautiful, you have to keep away the things like sponges, dish soap, scrubs, etc. but they have to be easily accessible. So, you have to keep them in a secret apartment built in the washbasin like in this secret compartment kitchen sink. You can take them easily from the secret shelf and can preserve the beauty of the washing sink.

3. A sink that disappears

If you have constructed a kitchen island, then you can use it as a dining table as well as a washing space by having the disappearing sink. You can cover the top of the sink and use the whole table as a dining table. When you have to use the sink, you can remove the lid on top of it and use it as the sink. When you have to choose a sink for your kitchen renovation, consider this option for the optimal use of the cooking and dining area.

4. A sink with drainers and strainers

While washing the vegetables and fruits, you will be needing drainers and strainers which come built into this washing sink. You can use those draining racks by swiping left or right. These are for those who have less prepping time. When everything is in one place, you can wash the veggies in a jiffy and cook food in no time.

5. Greenery near the sink

You might have heard how a bit of greenery can make the place lively. The same can be said for your sink area. Having small plants near the sink gives mood and spread positive vibes around the kitchen. To make the area fresh and aromatic, you can also have flower plants. It all depends on your choice.

6. A long sink for parties

If you are a person who would like to host parties often, then you can consider having a large and long sink. Here, a washing sink will not be just that. It contains a chopping space, washing space, serving space, and also an ice chamber for keeping wine and alcohol. It’s a perfect arrangement for those who wish to keep everything in one place.

7. A sink with width and depth

If you are one of those people who use many utensils and would like a big basin to put them all in, then you have to consider a sink with width and depth. The large and wide basin is perfect for those who need big space while working in the sink. You can consider various materials like steel, granite, marble, etc.

8. A corner sink

Some wish to have a sink that is built far away from the cooking space. If you want such an arrangement, then a corner sink would be a wise decision. Whether it’s in the main kitchen platform or on the kitchen island, you can construct a corner sink with any material you wish to have.

9. An organised kitchen sink

A sink with an organiser comes with a vertical shelf where you can put plates, glasses, spoons, and any other small items then and there. It’s perfect for those who wish to extend the kitchen vertically where there is less kitchen space. It’s one of the functional sinks that serves you the best when you are in a hurry and wish to stack the plates as soon as possible.

Final words:

A modern sink is a mandatory accessory for the most popular kitchen designs and styles. A sink perfectly styled can elevate the beauty of your cooking area and increases the functionality when you are in a hurry. In today’s market, there are so many available materials – from steel to marble and granite that you can choose for the sink that increases the aesthetics of your kitchen.

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