According to Matt Davies Harmony Communities, having a pooch isn’t easy. They are full of energy and if they don’t get an outlet for that energy, you may find yourself running after them to keep them entertained or from destroying your belongings. Let’s check out the best toys to keep your dog entertained. 

The Toys

  1. Everlasting Treat Ball – Keeping your dog occupied and entertained with treats is very easy. However, if you do it the regular way, you may overfeed them and put their health at risk. That’s where the Everlasting Treat Ball comes in. You can lodge a treat inside the ball, and it will stay there as your dog tries to access it. The ball is sturdy and made from non-toxic materials for your pup and is designed to play hard to get. Your dog has to spend hours trying to access the treats and even then, they would only get to nibble small portions. This ball is a great way to keep your dog occupied and entertained with food-based incentives. 
  2. Kong Classic – Unlike regular chew toys, the Kong Classic justifies the ‘Classic’ part of its name by setting a  gold standard for its type. The chew toy is highly durable, and reliable and will keep your pup entertained for a long while. You can also fill the toy with your pup’s favorite kibble so that it gets discharged in a systematic manner and makes mealtimes far more interesting. If you won’t use it for food-based entertainment, you can use it as a fetch toy. Moreover, the toy is completely dishwasher safe so that you can get rid of all the drool and filth at the end of the day. 
  3. iFetch Interactive Ball Launcher – This one is less of a toy and more of a high-end gadget for entertaining your dog. While it is quite expensive, it justifies the cost with its useful features. There are two versions that come for small and large breeds. This smart tool can launch balls up to 30 feet away when outdoors. While using the toy indoors, you can adjust the distance to a lower value. Once activated, you can sit back and watch your pup fetching the ball, feeding the gadget with the ball, and repeating this cycle over and over till they get tired.
  4. Mighty Paw Dog Lick Pad – Licking things can be a soothing action for your dog and some studies have linked this action to higher levels of endorphin in canines. This lick pad can keep your dog occupied and stimulate them to lick its different textures. This toy can also help your pup to calm down when it’s anxious during grooming sessions or thunderstorms.       


Matt Davies Harmony Communities suggests that you check out the toys mentioned above to keep your dog entertained. While basic chew toys are cheap and keep your dog entertained for a while, there are much better options that can drain your pup’s energy and get it to calm down.


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