You love football, but don’t know where to start? Whether you want to read or watch matches, follow players, clubs, leagues, and teams, or even get involved, there are plenty of ways to earn real money online. In this article, we’ll take you through some of the best opportunities out there.

Earn from Football

There are quite a number of ways for you to make money from football on the Internet: in fact, it’s one of the most active sectors on social networks. And unlike many other industries that have been revolutionized by the digital revolution, we’re talking about a genuine industry with actual products and services.

1) Sports Betting

Let’s face it, sports betting is not a sport, so if you’re passionate about football you can bet at best sports betting site at your fovourite sport , then maybe you should consider taking advantage of the hundreds of different types of bets you can place. The good news is that you can also find plenty of bonuses and promotions when using a bookmaker.

2) Trading Stocks & Shares 

Do you enjoy watching financial reports? Or do you just think they look cool? If you like reading and following the marke, you could use sites like StockTwits, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, Reddit and various blogs which provide trading advice to earn money. 

3) Blogging 

There are several different ways to blog about football, including the major platforms such as WordPress, Medium and Tumblr, plus numerous niche ones. Most sites allow bloggers to monetize their efforts via advertising.

4) YouTube/Vine

Do you fancy yourself as an internet personality? Create your own videos and upload them to Youtube or Vine to generate income.

5) Twitch

Have you ever watched someone play a real money nz online pokies game while chatting with friends? Now imagine doing it for 10 hours straight at a time. That’s what streamers do on Twitch to make money. It’s still very new, and growing fast so only successful streamers will be able to turn this into a viable career option.


Football has become more than an obsession for millions of people across the world. When you combine this passion with technology and business skills, you too can make money from football!

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