Playing Prize Blast is an opportunity to win real prizes.

The latest game from the publisher Full Game Ahead, released in December 2020, this game has proven its worth to mobile gaming communities.

In this puzzle game, you become a pirate in search of treasure.

As well as being a simple, fun pastime, Prize Blast offers quality entertainment and the possibility of winning great prizes.

How do I win at Prize Blast?

To win your chosen prize with Prize Blast, you’ll need to set goals.

The more you play, the faster you progress.

The best approach if you want to win quickly at Prize Blast is to play every day.

However, even playing only five times a week will keep you on track.

The advantage of a mobile game is that it’s always at your fingertips, so playing is easy no matter what the circumstances.

Rules of the game:

  • The bottles of rum earned throughout the game are essential to:
  • Build your boat
  • Move from island to island
  • Earn your prize.
  • GEMS are used to get extra moves in the levels and to turn the wheels of fortune.
  • The cash mode allows you to fill your piggy bank.
  • The virtual dollars in your piggy bank allow you to unlock your chosen gift in the cave.
  • Weekly contests between friends and worldwide will help you to win GEMS and dollars.

Is Prize Blast a social game?

Every player is different! At Prize Blast, we understand this and it shows.

That’s why you can play alone on your mobile and conduct your treasure hunt that way. Or you can go on Facebook and play with your friends.

Facebook allows you to chat with other players and share your experience. It’s also an opportunity to meet past winners and learn more from them.

It’s reassuring to see testimonials from people who have actually won and received gifts at home.

It indicates that it is real.

Many of them send in a selfie, posing with the gift. The community photo galleries display the Prize Blast winners.

They are a very diverse bunch from all over the world. Anyone aged over 18 can receive gifts delivered to their home. Read More About: wmt24

You will discover a wonderful spirit of mutual support between players thanks to social media – another joyful element of Prize Blast.

Do people really receive gifts with Prize Blast?

What Prize Blast offers stands out in a number of ways. The selection of gifts comes from leading brands: Apple, Samsung, Nintendo, Kenwood etc.

Inside the game and on Facebook, you can read about players who have already won and received their prizes.

You can also check by reading the comments directly in the app stores.

So many stories from people who have received one or even several gifts thanks to Prize Blast.

The process of sending the gifts is well established.

When you win, the customer service team takes over, verifying the information necessary to send the gift.

The follow-up, from your win to delivery, is really professional and reassuring for the winners. Read More About: gopage7

It takes between three and 30 days to receive your reward at home (according to testimonials).

What do we think about Prize Blast?

It’s exceptional for a game app to have managed to combine quality entertainment with gift-giving.

Prize Blast varies the game stages and opportunities to progress towards victory with simplicity and intelligence.

The growing number of winners confirms that the gifts are real. All of them have received their prize at home after winning.

A real pleasure that keeps players loyal. Read More About: eblogz


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