To get a black box, or not to get a black box, that is the question that swarms the mind of many newer drivers. 

If you are looking to buy a car, whether it is you first car or your next car, insurance will be one of the factors that may influence your choice. 

A black box is something that can alter insurance prices quite heavily.

What is a black box? 

A black box is a device that insurers can use to track your driving habits. By fitting a small box into your car, insurers are able to tell exactly how you drive just by using GPS technology. 

Insurers can offer premiums just based on your regular driving habits, giving you a price that is personalised and often cheaper than standard insurance! 

Whilst there are many pros to having a black box, and a lot of people do like having one for many reasons, there are also a lot of disadvantages. But what exactly are they? 


Theft Deterrent 

Having a black box can actually deter thefts. As black boxes use GPS technology, it means that you are able to tell where the car is at all times. 

This can also be useful to recover your vehicle if it is stolen. 

Improves Driving Skills

Aa black box restricts your driving a huge amount, you are going to become a lot more conscious of your driving, so you don’t get overcharged by your insurance. 

When getting into these driving habits, the chances are that they will stick with you throughout most, if not all of your life! 

Lowers Insurance Costs

Having a black box installed means you are less likely to be involved in road accidents. Therefore, black box users tend to get their insurance for a much cheaper price, just from being safer and more sensible on the roads!  



Some black box companies impose curfews, due to many accidents happening late at night or when the roads are very busy. 

There also may be other limits such as; limits on the number of journeys you make, or the distance you travel in certain time periods. 

Not all insurance companies have this policy, though, so it’s always best to check before committing to anything. 

Privacy Concerns 

Black box policies gather large amounts of data about drivers. They hold information from who you are, where you drive, live and how often you go out. 

Although precautions are taken to keep your personal information from hackers, there is still that understandable concern there for some people.

Possible Price Increase

If you get yourself into some bad habits that you don’t overcome, you could end up paying more with a black box installed. 

Hard braking, rapid acceleration, and driving over the speed limit are all factors that could cause your insurance to go up. 

Overall, it is your personal choice to decide if you want a black box fitted in your car or not. We have provided some good insight on the pros and cons to help you make an informed decision.

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