Every recruiter is involved in the process of talent sourcing and checking candidate proficiency. These are vital steps to ensuring that only the right talent is placed in the role. Hence, tools like recruitment software and online skills testing software are critical for the success of every staffing agency.

Candidate sourcing and the necessity of evaluating applicants

As recruiters start posting job adverts, many applicants will start sending their CVs and cover letters. Recruiters also start to source suitable candidates actively by checking their talent pool or by scouring social media platforms like LinkedIn.

Once they have a list of individuals with the required abilities and qualifications, the next step naturally includes vetting the applications and confirming candidate proficiency.

Measuring competency, knowledge, and experience for relevancy to the role helps recruiters make the right hiring choices. It is vital to find and place the best-qualified candidate in the position.

Job seekers who are talented and with the right type of credentials do not last long in the jobs market. All the employers want such skilful people in their company. And for recruiters to get these top talents for their client companies, they must employ candidate skills assessment and use skills tests to pinpoint abilities, strengths and potential.

Online skills testing – its advantages for recruiters, candidates and hiring companies

In modern recruitment, technology and recruiting tools are critical to success. Staffing agencies who understand the competition know that it is important to find and invest in these digital tools.

Agencies must not only find a good skills assessment software but ensure that they are using the best online skills testing software. Remote recruiting has become extremely common in recent years. Adding online skills assessment is all about effortlessness while also promoting efficiency and productivity.

Recruiters can easily choose the skills tests they need for assessing candidates. It takes only a few minutes to pick the right assessments and send them over to the applicants.

Candidates also prefer this type of assessment as they can sit down to take these skills tests whenever they have time and from wherever it is convenient for them.

The candidate skills testing software easily generates test results as soon as the assessment is complete. So, recruiters will find automatically produced skills test results in their inbox once their candidates are done with the assessment. They can then share the result with the hiring company which can use it to make better and more informed decisions regarding their applicants.

Picking a suitable candidate skills assessment software

Always start by checking the type of skills tests being offered to users in the system. It’s important to have assessments that can be widely utilised for different roles in different sectors.

For example, some of the most popular assessments are literacy and numeracy skills tests or typing and data entry skills tests along with MS Office skills tests. These tests are helpful for secretarial skills testing. But also any admin or office-based role will need employees who can efficiently use the Microsoft Office suite of tools while also spelling correctly.

In recent years, compliance and data protection checks have been an integral part of recruitment with agencies investing in CRM software systems that automate such checks. Hence, when checking online skills testing software, it pays to ensure that it can also support data protection training testing along with the usual employee skills tests.


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