A welding machine is a machine that joins together metals or thermoplastics, using high heat which melts the parts and allows them to cool hence, causing fusion. There are different types of welding machines, but choosing the best depends on different factors.

Are you a welder? Would you wish to start welding? You maybe ask yourself where to start when selecting a welding machine to buy. There are several types of welding machines available in the market but are different based on some factors. There are some key factors to put in place before purchasing a machine. These factors are discussed below;

Nature of the metal used

Welding is mostly carried out on carbon steel because of its compatibility with other welding machines. Welding machines like Mig can withstand the excess heat from the process of welding. Stainless steel requires minimum strength to work with, hence is highly compatible with the Mig welding machine. Aluminum will require very high power to work with. These factors make the Mig welding machine price in Kenya very high.

Is the welding machine durable?

Everybody loves machines which last for a long time. This involves machines that do not undergo rusting or physical damages easily. Anything having a long-lasting property and long life is often preferred. Such welding machine price in Kenya must be very high since they don’t incur the cost of repair more frequently. Evaluating the market value of different welding machines, the long-lasting ones tend to be very expensive. This doesn’t imply that all expensive welding machines are durable.

Rate of power consumption

Power is expensive and if a machine can consume less power, then it sounds the best. On the other hand, a machine rated with low power consumption cannot deliver work of high quality at a faster rate. The machine will be slow. This is one of the most conspicuous factors being put in place when purchasing a welding machine. The power treating of the machine must be considered to avoid making mistakes that would otherwise be prevented.

Should be able to take care of the compressed gasses

Some commonly used gases for welding are carbon dioxide, oxygen, and argon. The welding machine chosen should be able to operate with the compressed gas source. This is because different welding machines require different gases to compress for the welding process. Consider this factor also since it is very important.

Cost of the welding machine

The welding machine chosen should be pocket-friendly. Of course, you have to buy an affordable machine. Different welding machines have their prices based on the specification. Do not aim higher than you cannot achieve. You should set the amount of money to spend on the welding machine so that other expenses are not left out.


In general, don’t just buy a welding machine. Use the guides above to direct you on the type of welding machines to buy. Not all that glitters is gold, don’t allow the appealing nature of the machines to deceive you. Stick to the guides above and you’ll have the best welding machine.



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