A vacuum cleaner is a device that causes suction so as to remove debris and dust particles from floors, upholstery, carpets velveteen and other surfaces. They are also used in cleaning cars and stairs. Depending on the use, there are different vacuum cleaners used in different surfaces Type of material is also a key factor to be considered while using such device in various surfaces.

Household chores are unavoidable part of everyday life and should not be taken for granted since high level of hygiene is most essential for our existence. These cleaners were invented in 1901 by Engineer Cecil Booth who was just rolling it in streets and later carried out his first experiment test in a carpet where he later realized the machine could do such job of cleaning the carpet. He invented this machine out of Horse Drawn technology and is currently being used by many people globally. It is thus applied in different areas depending on the type of the device.

Types of Cleaners

Truck Mounted Cleaners

These are industrial vacuum cleaners used in areas that are not easily accessible to people. They are mounted behind the trucks or trailers for transit. They are used in different areas such as oil and petroleum industries, drilling places, water treatment areas, agriculture sectors and commercial aviation industry. They are applied in these industries to remove materials such as sludge, slurry, cement, brine and many others.

Small Cleaners

Often, industrial processes produce byproducts and waste materials from machinery. Some of these waste products can be recycled into useful means. For reasons of obtaining more produce than waste products, large vacuum system is inappropriate and should not be used. Therefore such situations require small wet dry cleaner. Some varieties of this device have casters while others have handles for holding so as to minimize movement but raise the suction power.

Portable Cleaners

This type can be easily carried from one place to the other and be used where most of the cleaners cannot apply due to its portability nature. They have six parts that include an intake port, exhaust port, electric port, air powered motor, fan, filtering system and housing. They remove the dirt in carpets or unobstructed vacuum hoses for removal of standing water and moisture. They have chambers made of fabric and plastic which are separated from intake and exhaust channels by many filters.

Industrial Cleaners

These are used in large scale industries such as construction sites, manufacturing, metalworking, juakali, woodworking and even warehousing industries. They are used here to remove dirt, debris and unwanted solid or liquid particles from floors and furniture surfaces. They are stronger and more efficient than commercial cleaners (Vacuum) in that they can pick huge abrasives, coolant, oil mist, explosive media and others that commercial cannot do.

Shop Cleaners

They are majorly used in trade areas to carry out cleaning task. For this reason, they enhance high level hygiene so as to increase customers’ attendance. They come in cylinder, drum or canister vacuum models. Some are designed with exhaust port for reversing airflow or blowing dust into a corner.


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