As a new cat parent, you might wonder about many things and, out of those, one thing might be when a cat’s teething phase starts. Cats’ first teething period begins when they are two weeks to four weeks old, and it can last till they are eight weeks old. Their second teething phase happens when the cat is three to four months old, and all the thirty teeth come out by the seventh week in.



A cat’s teething phase can be challenging, as they chew on couches, cords, and other furnishings. But, it can quickly be taken care of if you can get your furball some toys, which will distract them from other items in the house.


A lot can be done during their teething phase, but below are a few of the essential tips you should follow if you are a cat parent. These tips will help your kitty’s teething process:


       Hard plastic kitten teething toys often have a textured surface that massage a kitten’s gums as they chew. This type of toy should have your kitten happily chewing for hours, and they will keep coming back for more!


       Most of the kitten toys are usually built with stuffed fabric and durable floss stretched over the top. The floss soothes the gums. That’s why kittens bite and chew on the toy.


       Fabric toys often focus more on what’s inside most of the time, when they are made with catnip. Catnip encourages many things, like bursts of energy and periods of play, followed by a window of relaxation. This is the perfect combo for a teething kitten. Just be sure that fabric toys with catnip are properly stitched for more extended durability.


       Last but not least, small treats always help in painful times. So load up on treats, and if you notice your kitten attacking your couches, treat them with yummy delicious treats, which will keep them occupied for some time.


Following these four tips above will be good for taking care of your teething kitten. This teething phase can be difficult, but one thing you should keep in mind is that it will pass. So for the time, load up on a good number of toys and treats, which will keep your kitten content for a significant amount of time.


Another important thing when your kitten is teething is taking your kitten for a regular vet visit. These regular vet visits can be expensive, but the pets grow a lot faster than humans, needing medical attention. So if you find regular vet visits for your cat very expensive, get cat insurance as soon as possible. Having cat insurance will ensure that your kitten is getting the best medical attention as required – not just for their first year of development but also for any illnesses, accidents, allergies and more that happen along the way. As a pet owner and policyholder, you don’t have to worry about the expenses.


You can easily find top rated pet insurance just a few keystrokes away, as you only need a good internet connection and a smartphone/laptop, so if you are a cat parent with a kitten at home without pet insurance pick up your laptop/smartphone and look for top-rated pet insurance immediately.

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