The first steps of overcoming alcohol addiction are very challenging. However, an alcohol addict can overcome drinking. Addicts can choose to either cut down on drinking or completely stop taking.

Total abstinence may work for a particular addict while it may not work for another. Therefore, one should discuss their drinking habit with their doctor before trying to change it. The doctor will give professional help on the best method of ditching drinking addiction.

Five ways of Stopping Alcohol addiction

Most people do not know what they can do to stop taking alcohol. Below are some of the ways that help an addict ditch alcoholism.

1. Quitting Cold Turkey

Sometimes an alcohol addict must stop taking the intoxicating drink with immediate effect. The method of quitting cold turkey is often recommended in situations where a drunkard is in grave danger if they continue taking alcohol. For example, persons with conditions such as Liver Cirrhosis must stop drinking immediately to safeguard their health.

However, the immediate stop of taking alcohol is associated with multiple withdrawal symptoms. Quitting Cold Turkey is effective if the addict gets the necessary support from the family doctor.

2. Get Help

Addicts need the support and help of family, friends, and self-help organizations to help them stop taking alcohol. The support allows the alcohol addicts to remain focused even when they feel like giving up.

The addict can also get help by speaking out to a close family member or a friend. Just by speaking out, the addict will have initiated a way out. It is true that when a problem is shared, it is half solved. The friend or close family member gives the additional support required in the subsequent steps of overcoming alcohol addiction.

Alcohol Anonymous (AA) and The Samaritans are organizations that alcohol dependents can seek help from.

The Twelve Steps Recovery Program by Alcohol Anonymous has been very effective across the world. The self-help groups give the addict an opportunity to learn from the experiences of other people who were trapped in the addiction.

Alcohol dependents can also get help from rehab. Alcohol addicts in rehab facilities such as Pinnacle Recovery Center and many others benefit from comprehensive therapies. These help them overcome addiction. A rehab also provides a safe environment for detox since competent professionals will attend to the addict.

3. Avoid Triggers

Alcohol addicts that want to stop drinking must avoid temptations that lure them to drinking.

Firstly, the addict must check on their peer pressure. Friends and social groups that influence an individual to drink must be shunned at all costs. It is recommended for the addict to make new friends who will not influence them to drink too much alcohol.

Secondly, the addict needs to stop visiting areas associated with drinking, such as pubs and bars. The addicts will rarely think of drinking when they are not in the proximity of the drinking dens, which are, in this case, out of sight.

4. Adopt Health Lifestyles

Persons planning to stop drinking alcohol need to embrace new healthy lifestyles. The time that was spent drinking must be used productively after quitting.

That part of the social life that was associated with drinking should be replaced by hobbies that matter.

The addicts can engage themselves in activities such as practicing yoga, playing some sports, going for a walk, or even reading spiritual books. Recreational activities can be practiced when the urge to drink arises.

5. Making a Firm Decision to Stop

Stopping alcohol addiction depends on the self-will of the addict to stop. All the other methods of stopping alcohol addiction will not be effective if an individual has not decided to stop. The addict must self-reflect on the impact of alcoholism on their life.

Final Word

Every addict that is determined can overcome the problem of alcohol addiction. The support from family, friends, organizations, and even personal efforts are some of the ways that can help an alcoholic to conquer alcoholism. A strong belief coupled with the necessary actions can help an addict avoid the snares of alcoholism.


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