The installation and repair of refrigeration and air conditioning systems can be a lucrative business venture, but only if properly planned. It costs money to open a business, pay for permits and registration, stock up on supplies, and launch an advertising campaign.

You’ll need a qualification for this kind of business endeavor, or you’ll have to hire a qualified engineer to do the actual work. You’ll also need enough money to get by until the business starts making money.

We offer guidance that could prove crucial to your ultimate achievement. Considering starting up an AC and refrigeration company to service and install cooling systems? To help you get going, we’ll fill you in on the business essentials below.

1. Keep An Eye On The Competition

You should research the existing competition in your area before starting a refrigeration and air conditioning company. Will there be enough demand in the area for yet another HVAC company to set up shop here? If you don’t want to be left behind, you’d better be doing things in a major way better than just the competition.

2. Obtain Credentials

Apprenticeship programs in refrigeration and air conditioning typically last between three and five years. They can be found by contacting a regional chapter of the Air Conditioning Contractors of America ( or other concerned firms.

3. Ask Around Amongst Professionals Currently Working In the Field

Learn from those already in the cooling and refrigeration conditioning installation and repair industry if you wish to start your own business. You’re being overly optimistic if you believe your local competitors will offer guidance. They would much rather see you fail than assist you in becoming a stronger rival.

As luck would have it, someone in a different city who runs a refrigeration and air conditioning installation and maintenance business may be willing to give you some pointers as long as you won’t directly compete with them. Just make sure to ping the right people. No matter how experienced or qualified a pond filtration system provider is, they won’t be able to assist you in the AC and refrigeration sector. 

4. Find Out Where You Will Be Operating

The ideal location for your new AC business is yet another factor to consider before starting. A survey of the target market’s competition in the air conditioning repair shop industry is a smart move before opening a shop there. 

An oversaturation of competitors, especially if they have already built up a solid local reputation, is bad news for anyone looking to open an air conditioning repair shop.

5. Cost Estimation For New Air Conditioning Company

One of the most common rookie mistakes is failing to keep a budget for all of the money that must be spent when starting an air conditioning business. It’s important to remember the higher initial investment requirements of this industry. You will need quality parts like ptfe parts and hard-working labor, so money is what all this will demand. 

6. Obtain A License To Operate A Small Business

It is the law that every business owner, whether offering repair or maintenance services or selling high-in-demand products like custom led strip lights, must obtain and annually renew a business license. 

This makes sure that your business is following the rules in the area. Obtaining a business tax identification number after obtaining a small business license is an important step toward maintaining legal operations and clearing up any potential issues during an audit.

7. Get A Social Security Number For Tax Purposes

Self-employed engineers are subject to income taxation just like any other business. If you want to hire professionals in the AC and refrigeration industries, you’ll need an EIN.

8. Think About Whether Or Not Franchising Makes Sense

Buying a franchise is a smart move for a first-time business owner. One option to consider if starting a business installing and repairing cooling and heating systems is whether or not to invest in a franchise.

9. Improve the Credibility Of Your Air Conditioning And Refrigeration Company

Maintaining an image of dependability is essential if you’re a new AC business trying to win over customers’ confidence. For this, you’ll need to set up a website detailing your business and the AC solutions you offer, an email address for company business use that includes your URL, and a solid voicemail system. 

Since you can’t be reached at all hours of the day and night, a voicemail system is essential. Put on a tee with your logo and trademark printed on it. Signage can help draw attention to your vehicle while on the job.

10. Methods For Selecting Your Intended Audience

Determine the target market for your air conditioning products and services before deciding how to get in touch with them. Residents, condo associations, property management, commercial real estate agents, store owners, and builders could all be in your sights.

You should think about the sort of customers you already have. When did they build that house? What are the most common brands of air conditioners in use today? 

This will help you find other potential customers in the area who share your target demographic and are also in need of air conditioning products and services.


Promotion of the AC and refrigeration repair shop comes last. Depending on your intended audience, you can do this by handing out flyers or business cards in local establishments or neighborhoods. We hope the above guide helped you in many aspects that you might be missing. 



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