The QR code menu software allows restaurant owners to test their creativity, intuitiveness, and competency in attracting and retaining customers.

Menu QR codes are becoming a trend in the restaurant industry today. Contactless and cashless transactions guide restaurants to provide customers with a comfortable dining experience.

Customers have looked for restaurants that offer contactless and cashless transactions ever since the COVID-19 pandemic. Now restaurant operations are following the strict implementation of health protocols. An interactive menu QR code is a medium that ensures customer-and-staff safety.

Steps to generate a menu QR code

The best way to market a restaurant depends on the target market’s preferences, location, cuisine, and the technology used in running a business.

A menu QR code will serve as the communication tool in catering to customers through contactless and cashless transactions.

Here are the steps in generating a menu QR code using a QR code menu software.

  1. Set up and open a QR code menu account.
  2. Click the Stores section. Add the name of the store, address, and phone number.
  3. Personalize the interactive menu QR code. Design the QR code menu by changing colors, eye patterns, and frame designs. Also, add a call-to-action phrase and logo.
  4. Add admins and users to your stores. Fill in the contact information of your admins and users. Also include the email address and passwords.
  5. Set up the menu categories and write down the food list. Remember to include the menu descriptions, ingredient warnings, and other information regarding your menu items.
  6. Add modifiers to your selected menu items. You can set the salad dressings, beverage add-ons, steak doneness, cheese sides, and other menu customization in the modifier groups.
  7. Customize the restaurant website. Add a cover image, name, address, email, and phone number of your restaurant. You can also add details about your restaurant in the About Us section. Set the fonts and colors to match the restaurant branding through the physical and digital market.
  8. Set up the payment integrations available in your restaurant. You can choose Stripe, PayPal, Google Pay, Apple Pay, and cash.
  9. Scan to test the menu QR code.
  10. Download the interactive menu QR codes.
  11. Deploy the interactive menu QR codes inside your restaurant establishment.
  12. Track and fulfill orders in the Food Orders dashboard.

Now that you have set up your menu QR codes, you can easily cater to customers through cashless and contactless transactions. This strategy will allow you to provide them with a comfortable dining experience that ensures the safety of your customers.

Benefits of a QR code menu software

Aside from generating a menu QR code that supports contactless and cashless transactions, there other beneficial features of the software you need to explore more.

Here is a list of benefits a QR code menu software offers your restaurant business.

  1. You can set up an account in the QR code menu software to set multiple branches/stores in one account. This will allow you to oversee the restaurant operations using only one account.
  2. Set up scheduled promotions using the restaurant website to attract customers.
  3. Allows you to upsell and cross-sell menu items that help improve sales and revenue,
  4. Provides dine-in and takeaway choices on the interactive online ordering page.
  5. It offers a sales and customer analysis dashboard to create strategic marketing plans for your restaurant.
  6. It enables you to create a survey feedback form to customers. You can collect the data afterward and strategize personalized operations in your restaurant.
  7. Provides dashboard accessibility through smartphone devices for tailored restaurant operations.
  8. Set ingredient warnings and food labels to keep customers informed.
  9. Offers a built-in tipping feature that collects tips from customers as gratuity tokens.
  10. Can print receipts for a more secure and official restaurant transaction.

Final thoughts

Creating menu QR codes is made easy using QR code menu software. Aside from that, the QR code menu software also offers features allowing you to run effective and efficient restaurant operations.

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