When taking care of seniors, it’s important to ensure that they stay healthy. You can encourage them to take up simple exercise routines and take care of their mental health. However, the human body’s physical health relies on the foods a person takes.

As such, homes for the elderly, such as Villas at San Bernardino, have a responsibility to help older people feed on a healthy diet. Here are a few tips that can help you guide seniors to maintain a healthy lifestyle through a healthy diet.

Understanding the Meaning of a Healthy Plate

What does a healthy plate mean for senior citizens? As a person ages, they need a diet that helps their body function better and not piles calories on them.

You should encourage seniors to take a diet with low carbs and high proteins, vitamins, and fiber.  A plate with a high carbohydrate content will add a lot of energy to the seniors’ bodies. However, they are not involved in many activities to help them burn their energy. Many carbohydrates can only contribute to obesity and other lifestyle diseases.

A senior’s healthy place should have:

  • Whole carbs such as brown rice and whole pasta
  • Lean proteins such as meats, fish, eggs and seafood
  • Calcium and vitamin D for bone health
  • Green vegetables such as spinach and broccoli

Remind them also to stay hydrated and eat foods with high fiber content. The water and fiber will help digestion and keep their bodies well hydrated.

Read Nutritional Facts on Food Labels

When you go shopping for a senior’s food, be careful to read the nutritional facts on food labels. The Food and Drugs Administration requires manufacturers to have clear nutritional labels on their products to guide the consumer.

Avoid foods with high sugar, sodium, and fat content. High sodium can cause issues such as high blood pressure, while sugar and fats can cause diabetes. You should also avoid overprocessed foods such as sodas, processed meats, and junk food.

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Choose foods with high fiber, protein, and vitamin content. Seniors require such foods to help them recover from ailments, stay healthy and repair their body tissues when they get injured. Remember that a senior’s plate should look like a rainbow. It should be filled with healthy, colorful foods to boost their appetites and get nutritional benefits.

Use Recommended Servings

As a person grows older, their energy usage reduces, and they need more vitamins and proteins. When you serve a senior person, reduce their portions to only what they need. Make sure you’re giving fewer carbs and more vegetables and proteins.

If the senior person you’re serving is recovering from an illness, serve them according to the doctor’s instructions. The goal is to help senior people eat healthily and live a more comfortable life.

Keep Them Hydrated

Water is a good support system for a senior’s healthy diet. It helps them with digestion and other body processes such as excretion. Furthermore, water also helps seniors maintain healthy and glowing skin.

Encourage the senior people in your care to take water as often as possible. You can create a water drinking routine and keep it fun. Remind them to take water, and encourage them when they’re having difficulties.

Help Seniors Lead More Heathy Lives

As a person grows older, they need to watch their diet to stay healthy. They’re more prone to lifestyle diseases which can be stopped by taking a healthy diet. If you’re taking care of senior people in a home, you should help them maintain a healthy diet. A healthy plate will have fewer carbs and more colorful vitamins, vegetables, proteins, water, and fiber.

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