Attracting additional sources of income for your business will always remain a relevant direction for any business area. In 2023, the most popular options will be affiliate programs that will provide income thanks to new customers attracted to the betting company. One of these offers is the casino affiliate CPA, available to everyone. Working with this program has no restrictions and is easy to register and use.

For the convenience of users, detailed instructions have been created on the features of work, the formation of payments and withdrawal of funds, as well as various details of work, so you can start earning on your own. Constant technical support from consultants will allow you to quickly solve any difficulties that have arisen.

Features and limitations for earning money using affiliate programs

Affiliates are intermediaries between the advertiser (supplier of goods, and services) and those who promote them (affiliates). For example, these can be blog owners, webmasters, or arbitrageurs who are partners for bookmakers and online casinos.

There are programs for clients of European countries and the CIS, providing an opportunity to choose one of the options for generating profits:

  • Receipt of a fixed amount for each new user, subject to the replenishment of the account for a certain amount.

  • Payment of up to 50% for each replenishment of the account by a new user, provided that he followed the specified link.

  • A combination of the first two options can be established after an individual application has been submitted and reviewed by the company’s managers.

The terms of cooperation imply the conclusion of an agreement. With new users, the contract is concluded for a limited trial period, where restrictions apply – payment can only be fixed and cannot increase. If at the end of the test period there are no violations or claims, then the terms of cooperation may be reviewed on an individual basis to change the method of calculating payment or increasing payments.

Due to their wide functionality, affiliate programs are a self-sufficient tool that does not require additional investments to promote or create advertising products. A huge number of banners and landings are specially adapted for different countries, allowing you to use the site as efficiently as possible. Even if the necessary material is not available, you can individually request it free of charge from your manager.

However, in addition to wide opportunities, several points can stop successful cooperation. This is possible if you use spam, incent traffic, contextual advertising, or cookie manipulation as a source. For such actions, the company may revise the terms of cooperation and refuse further interaction with the user.

What is needed for cooperation?

To start cooperation, you need to register through the official form, which indicates the full name, contact details (phone, email, Skype), login, and password. After registration, you must wait until the manager contacts you and access to your account appears. Consulting support is provided at any stage of cooperation, so if you did not find the answer in the detailed instructions on the site, you can contact your personal assistant.

Withdrawal of funds is possible subject to the presence of at least 5 clients, as well as the amount specified in the agreement on the account. Money is credited once a month, and you can withdraw it at any convenient time using WebMoney, qiwi, or a bank card.


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