The next phase of mitigating the spread of the COVID-19 virus is by encouraging people to get vaccinated against the said virus. And with their continuing campaign, the World in our Data has tallied more than 42.7% of the world’s population consist fully vaccinated people in November 2021.

With almost half of the world’s population vaccinated fully, travels between borders are now permitted. But with the ease of travel restrictions, additional travel requirements like authority to travel and travelers must present vaccination cards during travel check-ins.

And as this becomes a new normal travel must-have, the baggage travelers need to check before going on to their subsequent adventure increases. As the paper is easily crumpled and thrown away, many travelers convert their physical vaccination cards into digital ones.

Through this, they will not need to get their vaccination cards out from their wallets to check in to their travel destination and minimize the need to quarantine first before enjoying their stay there.

How to fasten your digital vaccine card showing means?

While they can turn their physical vaccine cards into digital ones and unburden themselves from carrying a small print card, the need to fasten their digital vaccine card showing means elevates.

Since time is essential for most travelers, the period used to check your digital vaccine card should only last for a minute.

Because of the time constraint, many travelers feel, many of them are now integrating an online QR code generator with logo to convert their digital vaccine card into a scannable QR code.

Ways on how to easily convert your digital vaccine card into a QR code

There are three ways on how you can easily convert your digital vaccine card into a QR code.

Through attaching the file into a QR code

If you have converted your physical vaccine card into a digital one and saved it as a PDF file, transforming one into a QR code is just accessible by simply uploading the file into the QR code maker’s system and attaching it into a QR code.

By converting vaccine card image to QR code

Fully vaxxed individuals with their physical vaccination card can quickly turn their paper card into a digital one by simply snapping a clear photo of it. Through this, they will not need to carry around their COVID vaccine passport when traveling.

And as a way to avoid deleting the image they save, they can convert the vaccine card image into a QR code by simply integrating the image QR code solution and placing it in their smartphone cases or turning it into a keychain.

Converting a link into a QR code

Most states integrate an online portal for their citizens to get a copy of their digital vaccine cards. This is done to ensure that the vaccinated people and the authority are on the same page to verify if their record is on the designated portal.

And as they keep a record online, the vaccine verifiers can mandate their citizens to efficiently secure the link of their vaccination information for easy verification processes or convert them into a QR code. In this way, they will only need to scan the QR code to check if the person is fully vaxxed or not.

How to create a digital vaccine QR code?

With the means mentioned above of how you can convert your digital vaccine into a QR code, you can continue creating a digital vaccine QR code by following these QR code creation steps.

  1. Visit an online QR code generator with logo as QRTIGER.
  2. Select the category where your digital vaccine card belongs and fill in the required fields
  3. Generate your digital vaccine card QR code
  4. Redesign your digital vaccine card QR code and run a scan test
  5. Download your digital vaccine card QR code and place it in your smartphone case or as a keychain.


Since the travel restrictions ease with a significant number of people being vaccinated against COVID-19, presenting a verified vaccine card is now one of the travel requirements many tourist destinations add to their travel itinerary. Because of that, many travelers opt to turn their physical vaccination cards into digital ones to avoid losing them.

And as they digitalize it, smart travelers can integrate QR codes to save their digital vaccine card and fasten their vaccine verification process when traveling.


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